Friday, April 8, 2016

Recent Wax Reviews

Sassy Girl Aroma Zombie Crunch:
This tart smells exactly like Capt'n Crunch Berries! Sweet cereal and berry scent both on cold sniff and when melting. Lived up to my general expectations from SGA; very strong throw that lasted all day. Overall grade: A+. Would purchase.

Lake Providence Lodge Breakfast At The Lodge:
I now understand why so many people rave about this scent; to me it is the strongest and most realistic french toast scent I've ever melted! It nails the warm, eggy bread and sweet cinnamon to perfection. Super strong without being overpowering and lasted all day. Overall grade: A+. Would purchase.

Rosegirls Scoopable Pink Sugar/Lavender/Peppermint:
This is a lovely blend with prominent notes of sweet peppermint and undertones of pink sugar and calming lavender. It was very enjoyable but I wish it were stronger. I used about a teaspoon each in two warmer and it had moderate throw for about 8 hours. This was my first time using scoopable wax and I generally prefer regular solid wax; less mess. Overall grade: B+. Probably wouldn't purchase.

Front Porch Rootbeer Float:
One of the most unique and delightful tarts I've melted in a while! It nails the syrupy sweetness and fizziness of rootbeer without being artificial. The vanilla ice cream bottom notes take it to a woman other level of deliciousness! This has been going strong in my warmers for over 6 hours now. Overall grade: A. Would repurchase.

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