Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Starry Skies Wax Cold Sniff Thoughts

Cold Sniff Thoughts:

Avo Rose flower: this is an approximately 3.4 oz sized flower and it's so beautiful! Avobath and Rose Jam are my two favorite Lush scents, so of course I had to get the largest size available! Immediately upon opening the bag I could strongly smell Avobath, which to me is a wonderfully fresh and tart mix of green grass and bright citruses. The Avobath part is a very accurate dupe imo.
The rose jam seemed to be very light to nonexistent. I think the Avobath overwhelmed it, but this tart hasn't been poured for very long, so hopefully the rose and sweet lemon will come out more when curing and melting. I also get undertones of laundry detergent, which I don't usually like, but overall this is a very pleasant and strong scent.

Sweet Mint (lavender vanilla + peppermint + cotton candy):
I am currently getting strong notes of herbal lavender with undertones of cool, herbal mint. So far this doesn't have as much sweetness as I thought it would. I do hope the cotton candy will temper the strong herbal scents and make them a bit sweeter and creamier as they cure. Still a strong and generally pleasant blend.

Passionate Lavender (passsion fruit guava + lavender): This one is very yummy and unique! The top notes of guava and passion fruit have a wonderful tropical fruitiness, and the sweet and creamy lavender rounds it out. An excellent combo. Moderate scent.

Dusk (LOM + French Vanilla + Zucchini Bread):
Another excellent and unique blend! The zucchini bread is prominent, as it tends to be, and it is tempered by lovely vanilla bakery aromas with just a hint of musk and lemon from the Lord of Misrule. Very yummy and intriguing; moderate.

Jinx (pink sugar + peppermint + tangerine): Mmmm... love! The tangerine is the star of this scent and blends amazingly with the spicy sweetness of pink sugar, and I get just a hint of coolness and sweetness from the peppermint. This is a very clever and unique blend that really stands out to me. Moderate.

Starburst (orange + cotton candy + vanilla smoothie):
This smells quite like a orange starburst candy! It isn't exactly an orange creamy sherbet type scent as I was expecting; the orange is more a fresh, tart, realistic citrus and there is just a hint of sweetness from the cotton candy. I don't detect much vanilla yet. It is a very pleasant, moderate blend.

Lavender Jam (lavender vanilla + rose jam): An excellent blend, just as I'd hoped for! The sweet, creamy, fresh rose of rose jam is the star of this blend, with a background of mild, calming lavender. An absolutely delightful and strong spring scent.

Free Samples-
Celebrate (no description):
This cute star shaped melt smells to me like orange and tangerine, with perhaps a bit of spices and musk. It has similar notes to the Jinx and Starburst scents, but a little spicier. A very good and strong blend.

Kettle Corn:
A super realistic and strong scent; smells EXACTLY like kettle corn! I love it when scents are dead on. This one's getting melted in the next couple days. :)

Trichomania (no description): 
I'm not sure what this blend is, but I like it! To me it smells like creamy, unsweetened coconut milk (similar to BBW Oahu Coconut Sunset) with some musk, peppercorn, and a bit of fresh sea breeze . A very intriguing strong summery scent.

Lavender Martini: This blend is both creamy and tart lavender, but not too herbal. It's a bit boozy but not too much. A very fun, strong scent!

Jamaica Me Crazy: a very realistic and fresh Pina colada scent! The pineapple is wonderfully tart and juicy and the coconut is creamy and sweet. Lovely and strong.

So White (no description): 
Lush's So White scent is just ok to me, but this tart does a very accurate dupe. To me it's like a sweet and tart powdery candy, like Sweet Tarts. Very good and moderately scented dupe.

As much as I love to order from established wax makers who have a consistent reputation for quality products, I also love to get in on the ground floor of a new wax vendor's opening and become a fan from the beginning. I must say I am blown away by the success of Starry Skies Wax grand opening and I am definitely becoming a fan of many of the scents. 
Standouts to me from my order were the Jinx and Lavender Jam blends. Favorites from the samples were Kettle Corn and Jamaica Me Crazy. Some scents were amazing and ready to melt, and others were good but could benefit from some curing. I can't wait to start melting some of them in the next few days!

I am most impressed with Lorena's customer service! She is super sweet and dedicated to her budding business. She handled an issue with Paypal on her site very quickly and included a ridiculously generous abundance of free wax! Seriously, I received almost as many free samples as I purchased. She also takes time to reply to each comment and and message on her Instagram and Facbook pages. She also took the time to include a lovely personalized card in my order. I also love that her wax was ready to ship so it had a super fast turnaround time, but it also didn't sell out too quickly and I got every scent I wanted, so that's a great, balanced business model. I ordered on Saturday and received the following Wednesday which is great! It is super convenient for me that Starry Skies is based in my state.
Overall I think this was a wonderful first performance for Starry Skies Wax and I wouldn't hesitate to order in the future. First, however, I need to melt through my enormous mountain of wax!


  1. I have been eyeing her on IG and I like what I see! You have a great order full of very interesting blends. I hope they throw well for you! I bet your collection is looking really healthy these days! :-D

  2. Yes, my wax collection is certainly larger than ever! This was a wonderful ordering experience; I highly recommend all wax lovers try Starry Skies.