Friday, April 8, 2016

Kitty's Konfections Wax Order

Cold sniff thoughts:

Briar Rose (Rose Jam): I'm a huge rose fan and this one is really well done! It is a gorgeous fresh rose with a hint of creaminess that I find intoxicating! I do not detect the hint of citrus that rose jam usually has; maybe it will come out when melting. Either way, lovely rose scent. Into this week's melting basket it goes! Fairly strong.

Cabana Spa (Avobath): 
Loooove so much! A perfect Avobath dupe. Fresh, green, citrusy sweetness with a hint of fruit loops. Strong.

Finessin' (Fizzy Soda): I was sent 2 of these, 1 freebie, yay! It's great because it's such a realistic lemon lime soda scent. I can practically feel the bubbles on my nose when I sniff it. Very refreshing for spring and summer. Fairly strong.

Stay Flossin' (candy fluff):
Smells just like Sweet Tart candies; a sweet, powdery candy scent. Very good dupe! Fairly strong.

Toucan Sam (fruit loops)
Dead on fruit loops; I adore it! Strong.

Coconut Delight (coconut cream pie + maraschino cherries):
I'm glad I got the giant flower of this because it's sooo pretty and smells amazing! It smells exactly like toasted coconut cream pie, one of my favorite desserts, and has a hint of extra sweetness from the cherry on top. I suspect this will be a favorite; into the melting basket it goes! Moderate.

Daydreaming With Diemai (raspberry, watermelon, honeydew, lemon, fizzy):
Another freebie; so generous! I might not have picked this one out for myself, but I'm glad to have it! It's a delightful, well blended fruit salad type scent. The lemon and fizz make it fresh as well as sweet. Strong.

This is my first order from Kitty's Konfections. She is a new wax vendor who seems to be off to a remarkably good start! This order was from her second opening, and I was so glad to score some of her wax! Now that I have sniffed it, I am so pleased with my order and very excited to melt! I found out about the newly opened Kitty's Konfections on Instagram; I had followed Lily's personal account for a while (not affiliated) and she is a thoroughly lovely and creative person with an excellent nose for wax blends. She announces her openings on Instagram and her Kitty's Konfections Facebook page. She also has a business partner that takes care of making samplers.

I love everything from the cute cat labels, to the large scent shots and shapes, to the super generous full sized freebies! These scent shots are larger than I thought they were going to be and such a great value for $1.50 each! I'm not able to find the oz listed, but for comparison they are the size if the large Lake Providence Lodge scent shots, and the rose is almost twice as big for $3. 

Lily has customer service as excellent as many vendors who have been in business for years. I really appreciate fast shipping and turn around times too; I ordered on the first and it arrived on the 7th, coast to coast! Super pleased with my ordering experience and can't wait to test the throw of these tarts! I wouldn't hesitate to order again.

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