Monday, September 11, 2017

Small Wax Haul

My first vendor wax purchace in a few months, yay! It was so nice to receive wax mail again. These Sassy Girl Aroma blends were ones that I had really wanted to try from past restocks but hadn't purchased for whatever reasons. I was able to get them slightly discounted through a destash Facebook group.

I'm a tea & cake fiend and I could smell this Toasted Marshmallow Tea & Cakes before I even opened the mailing envelope, yum! It was rich and sweet and super strong on cold; a perfect tea & cakes blend.

The Black Sea Salty Sea Air Sweet Lavender Marshmallow is very unique and complex as you might imagine. The opening notes are like a slightly musky and sensual men's cologne quickly followed by a refreshing and realistic fresh sea breeze blowing through. Bottom notes of a pretty lavender with the slightest sweet note of marshmallow. I really love this blend on cold and can't wait to sniff what notes come through when melting. SGA really does salty sea air and lavender type blends really well; I love that they are so fresh and are not artificial.

The generous seller did send a couple of freebies from Sniff My Tarts which is always a welcome surprise. The Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet is a super strong candy like tropical strawberry blend. The Japanese Cherry Blossom is a great BBW dupe; it's a sweet, fresh and slightly powdery floral, fairly strong on cold. My hubby surprisingly likes JCB so he'll probably be happy to sniff it in wax form.

What do you think; do you have favorite scents from either of these vendors? So you ever buy wax from "destashes?"

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  1. Nice little order. I am glad you had a chance to buy some wax! <3