Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Book Review: Braving It

As much as I love works of fiction, there's probably nothing I enjoy more than a good memoir. It's always so fascinating and moving to see a little slice of another person's life.

All the better if it's a memoir about self discovery and nature. The shared father/daughter story of Braving It was particularly striking to me. It was a beautiful, complex insight into the parent/child relationship and how to one father helped to grow his teen daughter's confidence and showed her how to be self sufficient and handle responsibilities without crushing her whimsical adventure loving spirit. 
Set in the breathtaking landscape of the Alaskan wilderness, this series of three life changing journeys through a myriad of cabin building, trapping and hunting, tumultuous river rafting during sub zero winters and mosquito infested summers will test this duo to their physical and emotional limits.

Eloquently yet simply written and insightful throughout; this book never left me bored. I devoured it over the course of two days and although don't know if I'd have the mental grit and physical fortitude to make it in remote Alaska, it did make me long even more to learn more about myself through travel adventures of my own.

5/5 stars, highly recommended.

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