Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fall Fun Series: Autumn Inspiration

This may be clichè, but one of the things I look forward to most about Fall every year is the brightly colored foliage. The turning of the leaves only seems to last a few weeks in my neck of the woods, so I view it with relish. The gorgeous colors have always inspired me and I even bonded over them and made a lifelong friend.

As a junior in high school I took a photography class which began a love afair with viewing the world through a creative lens. We would share our 35mm film cameras with a partner, so I partnered up with an acquaintance and we spent 45 minutes of our day all school year walking around taking photos of the natural beauty on campus and bonding over our many shared interests. We also had AP English together and here we were dressing up as favorite literary characters (Catherine and Young Catherine from Wuthering Heights.) 
This person is still my good friend today and we get together every couple months and do something fun. I don't know if we would have become so close if not for this bonding time beneath the canopied splendor of Autumn.

One of our favorite things to photograph was the natural color show going on up in the trees. I have some amazing print outs of some of those photos tucked away in storage, but here's a very similar one I took at a later date.

Here's a little collage of some of my favorite fall leaves Pinterest images. I hope the gorgeous colors and shapes inspire and uplift you as much as they did me.

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  1. Aw, that's so sweet! You're so cute in your Catherine costumes.

  2. I love that you had that bonding experience. My sister Darby and I have spent some afternoons walking around pressing our noses into our cameras and waving each other over for a particularly juicy photo op. I love that photo of the tree canopy. Beautiful. One day my goal is to drive to the Blue Ridge mountains for a long weekend of foliage bliss.

  3. Amanda. The beauty of that photo is beyond compare. Fall is wonderful for forcing one to look up. I've always been wowed by your landscape photos and it's cool that you bonded over such eye-opening, life affirming stuff.

  4. Wow, your photo of fall colors is stunning! The time you got to spend with your friend reminds me of a similar experience with my childhood bestie, except our cameras were crappy and our skills were... lacking. I love the collage too. I'm such a sucker for the simple beauty of this season.
    - Angela Kay

  5. Fall foliage is seriously the best, as soon as the first few leaves starting turning I have a little dance party lol but that's SO sweet that you formed a special friendship by nature's beauties!