Sunday, September 10, 2017

Outfits & Nails

So many other important posts this week that I neglected to post a couple of my looks from this week.

First up my "Camping Cuties" leggings from Fabulegs and the other camper gear I got to go with it. Maybe a bit overblown with the theme but it was fun.
Leggings: Fabulegs 
Headband, tank, flip flops: Walmart 
Earrings: old

Today I wore a "unicorn" pair of rose Lularoe leggings that I had been looking for for a while. A beautiful Sunday morning at the local park!
Leggings: Lularoe 
Flats: Walmart 
Sunglasses: flea market 

I did not like this polish at first because it was difficult to work with. Very watery and hard to get an even coat and distribution of glitter. This is three coats. The finished product grew on me a little; it's pretty but not spectacular.

2 coats WnW I Dream of Jean Genie with accent nail of Painted Polish Gray Goddess. I really like both of these but Gray Goddess is spectacular! It was a long time lemming I picked up at the Indie Shop. Can't wait to do a full mani with it.

Did you wear anything you loved this week? How are you transitioning into cooler weather wear and fall colors?

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