Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Indie Shop Polish Convention & Fun In San Francisco

My most anticipated event of the summer finally arrived!
First up, my mani! The event was mermaid themed so I really played it up and pulled out all my favorite mermaid and ocean related polishes. Colors used were: ChG Pearl Jammin', Pretty Beautiful Unlimited Mermaid Tears, Cupcake Water You Doing? over SC Koko-nuts, Julie G Mermaid Tale, Cuicco Iluminaton, OPI Sailing & Nailing It w/accent of Sassy Pants Polish Temptation, Tonic Rainbowfish, OPI This Color's Making Waves, Color Club Riviera, and Pinwheel Polish Sea Glass & Surf.

Also a huge rave for Seche Vive top coat. I applied it super thick to hold the nail jewels on and protect the art, and not only did it not shrink and dried really quickly, but it kept my mani perfect the whole day! I was really hard on my hands and these pics were taken today AFTER the event; can you believe it? No chips or missing jewels at all.

Anyway, I had a ball yesterday; other than my wedding day it might have been my most favorite day ever, haha!
My holographic Lularoe Nicole dress was a huge hit. I went with my lovely friend.

I tried to get pics of all the vendor tables but may have missed a couple. 
Everyone was super nice and it was fun to meet the vendors. The table decor was really cute too.

Painted Polish 

Poetry Cowgirl 



Colors By Lalarowe

Polished For Days 

Lavish Polish

Moonshine Mani


Everything was very well organized; we got there right on time for general admission at 11 and there was no line at the door. Got our adorable free totes and went right in. There were probably a hundred or so shoppers already there but it was clearly a smaller event than LA or others. I hope it grows in popularity and adds more vendors because I'd love to go again next year! There were no lines or a short wait at most tables. CBL had a line but they were very efficient and I only waited about 10 minutes. The only part I didn't care for was NvrEnuff was not as efficient and I waited in their line an hour! They had 3 helpers but only helped 1 customer at a time and spent a lot of time chatting with each person. They were very friendly but I think it would have gone much faster if they each helped customers.

Anyway, afterwards we went to lunch at food truck row in Downtown SF. We chose Gyros and they were amazing!

Continuing the day's mermaid & polish theme; I got a new work of art! The shop was called Mermaid Tattoos and the artist was wonderfully talented and so fun to talk with. It was an amazing experience!

We then walked down the block to a Salvation Army thrift store and found some treasures! I got a flamingo print Merona blouse, floral DKNY skirt, polka dot Gap tee and 3 scarves for $21! The store was huge and we didn't have time to look at all of it or we probably would have found even more.
Then we fueled up with Starbucks and enjoyed the touristy sights along Fisherman's Wharf before we headed home. I finally crawled in bed at 1AM. I'm sooo exhausted today but it was the best trip!

Finally what you've all been waiting for: the polish haul. I got a dozen for myself and muled 7 others (not pictured.) Fortunately I was able to stick to my list and budget; yay!

Painted Polish Gray Goddess $12, Charmed at the ChateaĆ» $5, Jewel Tones & Tweed $5
Polished For Days Serendipity, Aurora and Ineffable $10-$11 each.

Envy Beyond The Reef (exclusive duo $10 and Very Important Mermaid ($12 I think)

NvrEnuff mystery prototype (won a freebie; regularly $5) and The Song of the Sea (duo $10)

CBL Dream Big $11 and Poetry Cowgirl Under The Sea $10.

Several cool freebies too: free tote, scratchers with discount code and prizes, NvrEnuff had a prize wheel where I won a free polish. Polished For Days gave out a free sheet of mermaid stencil vinyls with purchase!

I hope you all enjoyed the pics; thanks for looking!


  1. How exciting, Amanda! Looks like you had an incredible day. Love your new tattoo and all the polishes you snagged. That Very Important Mermaid color is killer. And your mani is way too cute. I would love for you to give me one like that. I have a purple Lularoe dress I need to wear. I probably will this school year.

  2. This post is amazing - just as epic as you promised. :) What a trip! I've never been to a trade show of any variety, but this would definitely be one right up my alley (with or without the sweet wrist tat, but probably with - it wouldn't take much to talk me into that. Looks great!) Love your mani and dress, too, very thematically appropriate. The polishes you picked up, too, are so great - so many super colours for that weird period between the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall. :) Glad you had such an awesome time - to next year!

  3. Dude, your tattoo, it's just so stunning. I'm always too afraid of the commitment level, and maybe I'm just a weenie when it comes to the needle. I'm the only tattoo-less member out of my siblings, so I think maybe someday...
    There is a whole polish world out there I'm completely unaware of, I didn't even know indie polishes existed until I started following all of you nail blogging babes. I'm excited for you, looks like you had a blast and caught some yummy food too!

  4. Thanks to the staff at this place for making our event so enjoyable and if I ever get married. I know where to go! Great job all of you. Price was not too bad, considering the quality of food and beverages. Everything at this venue New York was excellent.