Monday, July 24, 2017

Leggings, Laundry and Lazy Sundays

The past couple of days have been pretty chill for me, which I enjoy. My sweet hubby has been working nearly 7 days a week for the past few months, and although I miss spending that time with him, it has helped me take steps that make me a little more independent. I'm slowly making progress on my anxiety related to driving and have been driving myself 25 miles to the grocery store every Sunday for several weeks. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but it's quite an accomplishment for me and something I hadn't done in over five years. I find that taking these steps at my own pace and driving during a time of day with minimal traffic makes me feel more comfortable. I'm beginning to enjoy my Sunday morning routine; putting together cute and comfy errand running outfits, swinging by Starbucks and then hit up a couple stores. I feel rather proud of myself for doing something so normal.

At Walmart I had my first sighting of my favorite 719 Walnut Avenue fall candle scents. It seems like fall comes earlier every year, lol. But actually I really love 719's fall scents so I'm not complaining. I picked up a Caramel Cinnamon Roll since it's one of my favorites and I believe the Apple Delight is a new one; yummy apple bakery scent. I can't recall if Evergreen Spruce is new or not, and I also saw one lonely Pumpkin Waffles.
Mine were quite cheap at $4 as opposed to $4.93 last year.

When I got home I treated myself to a yummy quice for Sunday "brunch" for one. I wish I could say I made it but it was a particularly tasty brand that I hadn't tried before: Edward's.

This morning (Monday), I wanted to stay in bed but instead woke up at the crack of dawn to take my laundry to the local laundromat.
I made the best of being up early by playing a little Pokémon Go and sitting outside and enjoying the early morning cool air. I was feeling a bit nautical so I wore my cute anchor leggings from brand Fabulegs with a striped tunic tank with lace hem from Nordstrom Rack.

I do like these Fabulegs leggings; they are quite soft with a comfy yoga waistband and feel very similar to Lularoe. They often have sales so I was able to get several pairs for quite cheap. In fact I wore this pair from my first order to go pick up my second order, haha.
I ordered 3 more pairs: elephants, mint, and pink during their "Christmas in July" sale for only $8 each (reg. $22 each.) My only concern was that a pair of black capri leggings from my first order had arrived with a rather large hole in the waistband seam where they had been stitched improperly. I was disappointed, but I understand that sometimes manufacturing errors occur and the owner did provide good customer service, responding to my email within two hours. Since the flaw was on a seam I decided just to sew them up myself and I'm glad I did. I wore them last week and they were super cute and comfy.

While going about my morning I was pleased to see a group of firefighters taking a hard earned break, playing hackey sack at the local gas station.
For nearly 2 weeks now they've been battling a monsterous wildfire about 20 miles away from me. The hard work of over three thousand firefighters have kept several thousand residents and their homes safe. I don't want to imagine how much worse it would have been without their efforts. Sadly over 50 homes and and a church were destroyed, but now the blaze is about half contained and many people were able to return to their homes. The beautiful day in my area stands in stark contrast to what's going on just up the hill. Tragedies really make a person count their blessings.

This week I'm gearing up towards one of my most anticipated events of the summer, The Indie Shop nail polish convention in San Francisco this Saturday. My good friend, my husband and I will be going, so I am preparing by gathering nail art ideas and supplies to go with the event's mermaid theme. I love a good mermaid themed anything so this will be especially fun. I found this summer themed nail art kit at Walmart to help with my mani.

I have a whole little itinerary planned out for the big day; activities, a list of polishes I'm interested in, and a sparkly outfit as special as the festivities. I can't wait to show you all the highlights!

What's been going on in your neck of the woods lately? Any small pleasures or fun plans you've been enjoying?


  1. Great job with taking those steps towards greater independence ~ I enjoyed this little glimpse into your day.

  2. I checked my Walmart yesterday and no sign of the 719 Walnut Ave candles yet. I can't wait till they show up because I need some! We used up all we had last year!