Thursday, July 6, 2017

Band Of Bloggers July 2017 Vol. 19

As mid-summer approaches, my mind drifts to vacation times, getaways or mini excursions out and about. One tank trips. Parks to explore. 

Do you take a summer vacation or do small getaways? What do you have planned? If not, what would be your ideal vacation or retreat? What are your favorite local haunts? Give us some places to check out!
I've always loved traveling and doing fun activities, especially during the summer. I live about 10 miles from a lake called McClure. I have many fond memories of fishing and swimming with my dad there as a child, and my husband's family had a houseboat there so there were lots of fun weekend trips.

Being centrally located in California, we're only a couple hours in any given direction from gorgeous beach and mountain locales. Favorite beach spots include Santa Cruz and Monterey.

A favorite mountain lake destination is Pinecrest.
We're also blessed to be only about 60 miles from Yosemite, one of the country's premier national parks, and have visited it's majestic waterfalls and hiking trails many times.

I have a couple of really unique trips planned for this summer and fall. Coming up at the end of July is a trip to an indie nail polish convention with a good friend! As many of you have read about my love affair with polish, I'm sure you can understand that saying I'm excited is an understatement. Plus San Francisco is a really fun and unique city so we'll be making a day of it. Enjoying a good meal an probably checking out a thrift shop or two.

Finally, I have hinted at an epic vacation my hubby and I will be taking in a few months, and I'm excited to reveal we will be island hopping in the Philippines! This is our first big international trip; we've never been out of the country or even on a plane and I'm so excited for this adventure. I look forward to sharing some pre and post travel posts with you all!
Here's a couple photos of Cebu, an island that's on our agenda to visit.

I am not going to lie.... as summer starts revving up... I am catching myself not only daydreaming about vacation but also fall scents. I am sure it may be too early for some and others melt fall scents year 'round, but I must ask... where are you planning to order your fall smell goods from? It can be vendor wax, candles, bath and body or perfumes. <3 Just spill!
Hmmm... I'm not quite sure yet where I might be ordering my fall b&b products from. Fall scents are my favorite so I still have quite a lot left from last season. I've been ordering very little wax in the last few months and am just starting to make a dent in my stash. I may place a few little orders if I run across some scents that sound amazing or a particularly good blend. I think I'll play it by ear until fall arrives. Past favorite brands for fall blends have included Sassy Girl Aroma, Glitterati and Candy Panda. Fall body care favorites include Haus of Gloi, Solstice Scents and Cocoa Pink.

Please, feel free to answer these questions in the comments section below.
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  1. Amanda, your landscapes are some of my favorites. Being near a lake vacation spot, a mountain lake at that, is a lake lifestyle that I aspire to have. You are lucky.
    Your Phillipines adventure seems much sooner now than when you first mentioned it, exciting! The photos all look spectacular except the last with the huge shark? Fish? Whale? Mammal? would give me nightmares!

    Your fall wax plan sounds smart-I should review what I still have so I don't rebuy anything I don't need. I'll also be investigating
    both Haus of Gloi and Solstice.

    1. That's a whale shark, Jay! Incredibly, vegetarians - they eat plankton and don't really have teeth like regular sharks, just these huge grills that act as filters. I understand they're quite docile.

      But holy crap, I would NOT just stand there beside one. It's still a big freakin' fish that might brush against my leg and cause me to stroke-out.

    2. It's a whale shark (not dangerous) and we'll be swimming with them!😱

  2. Oh my gosh, Amanda, you've got so much exciting stuff ahead of you! A trip to the Phillipines?! That's amazing, congratulations to you guys for going for it, I hope you have soooo much fun and get all cultured in the process. ;)

    Also, have fun at your polish convention! Come back and report on all the gorgeous things you saw.