Saturday, July 8, 2017

Reader Question Answered: Favorite Thrifted Finds

Although I haven't been thrifting in several months, I still enjoy it and have amassed quite a few thrifted treasures over the years. Most of them are clothing and accessories since I don't have a lot of space for houswares and larger items.

I got this purple paisley pashmina scarf nearly free with a coupon code from gently used clothing site It's so beautiful; I just adore it.

Handbags are another great item to thrift; you can usually find some really cute ones for way below retail. I've used the heck out of this bag that I got for under $10 from the local Goodwill, originally $35 Merona brand from Target.

One of my coolest higher end finds is this gorgeous vintage Dooney & Bourke handbag I got from It retails for well over $100!

I love these super comfy flats that I found at a flea market for around $3, also originally from Target, Mossimo brand.

Another thrifted Target find: these beautiful earrings I wear frequently for only $3.99.

One of my favorite thrifted clothing pieces is a black sparkly waterfall cardigan. It's a no name brand I picked up near Salt Lake City, UT, but it's very well made and I've worn it every winter for several years. I find it quite versatile and it adds a little sparkle to any outfit.

Do you enjoy thrift shopping or bargain hunting? What are your favorite spots to find good deals? Any favorite finds you're especially proud of?
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  1. I LOVE thrift shopping and bargain hunting! I recently discovered a thrift store in our town that is like this huge crazy junkyard with stuff piled on top of more stuff. It's the kind of thrift store where you really have to dig, but there are treasures to be had amongst all the junk. My favorite finds are probably all my milk glass pieces--I've been collecting them for years.