Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wax Haul: Hayden Rowe Candle Co.

Hayden Rowe is another relatively new wax vendor that I heard about through a Facebook wax discussion group. Their classic aesthetic had me intrigued; I was interested in the photos of other people's hauls wrapped in pristine black and white striped tissue. The labels are simple and classic too. I had been wanting to order for a few months and I finally had the funds to place a small order. 

I ordered in the last week of March and sadly a few days after that the owner of the company had a tragic loss of a family member. She did a very good job of keeping in contact with her customers through her Facebook group and via messages. I believe at the time her website stated 5-15 business days but it was extended to 20 business days due to dealing with that issue which is quite understandable. I believe mine may have exceeded that time by a few days but it didn't conern me.
I received my order on Friday the 21st but wasn't even able to pick it up from the post office until the 25th. I was so excited to open it and wasn't disappointed!
It's so nicely wrapped and Christina included her business card, a sticker and a nice hand written thank you note. I love personal touches like that. The wax was securely nestled in a bunch of tissue and everything was in perfect condition.
I had ordered 6 scents: three clamshells and three scent shots.
All of these smelled wonderful on cold sniff and the ones I'm most excited about are Apricot Camomile and Tonka Bean. There was one tiny issue which was that I had ordered a Hazelnut Coffee scent shot but received an extra Italian Biscotti instead. I let her know via pm and she offered to send the item even though I said it wasn't necessary. Very good customer service!
I am also extremely impressed with the amount of free samples I received; 6 different scents in adorable star and duckie shapes! 

Samples are a great way to sniff scents that you wouldn't have necessarily ordered and find new favorites. The Lemon Ice and Dreamsicle smell especially yummy to me. I can't wait to share these melts with you! In fact, I will be melting the champagne & roses scent this week so look for that in my next round of wax reviews.

Have you ever heard of or tried Hayden Rowe wax? When choosing a new vendor to order from, what sorts of attributes do you look for?

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  1. Tonka Bean!!!! Yes! Please review it when you melt it. I love her styling and presentation. So sorry to hear about her loss though. I hope she is ok.