Friday, April 28, 2017

Recent Wax Reviews

Jamianne's Wax Nature's Beauty: I'm not sure of the scent notes of this one but to me it's a nice woodsy, musky, cologe-y type scent. It had moderate throw for about 8 hours. Overall grade: A-. Would repurchase.

Supertarts Harry- "magically delicious and french baguette." I love the notes in this one on cold; ooey gooey marshmallows and sugary cereal and the warm yeastiness of freshly baked bread. It's a tart that I received in a destash so I'm not sure of it's age and it was removed from it's clamshell. It had moderate to light throw for about 6 hours. Overall grade: B. Would like to purchase new and see how the throw is.

Sassy Girl Aroma Blue Sugar Pinecones VBN: this is a well done blend. You can really smell all the notes: the masculine cologne type blue sugar, fresh pine needles and wood, and creamy vanilla. Strong throw for 10-12 hours. Overall grade: A. Would repurchase.

Destination Wax Mirror Of The Witch: cotton candy, orange and strawberry. This actually doesn't smell super sweet or fruity to me like other similar blends I've tried. To me it's kind of a light citrus with a touch of spice. Moderate throw for about 8 hours. Overall grade: B. Probably wouldn't repurchase.

Vintage Chic Scents Five Families- "Sugar Cookies Whipped Cream Birthday Cake Vanilla Wafers Cannolis." A nice vanilla bakery scent but an older tart with light throw for a few hours. Would like to smell it fresh. Overall grade: C. Might repurchase.

Hayden Rowe Candle Co Champagne & Roses: this is a nice fresh rose scent with a touch of effervescent champagne; not to tart or boozy. Very pleasant with moderate throw for about 8 hours. Overall grade: A-. Would repurchase.

Starry Skies Delightful- "strawberry satsuma cotton candy fizzy soda." This truly is a delightful and scrumptious smelling blend, similar to a "Backwoods Barbie" type blend from other brands, with the addition of fizzy soda. To me it smells like an orange creamsicle with sweet strawberry. Strong throw for about 10 hours. Overall grade: A+. Would repurchase.

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