Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cat Sitting & Other Antics

Hey all! Not too many big exciting things happening in my universe lately; I've just been enjoying the simple pleasures so I figured I'd just do a little slice of life post.

First thing is I'm currently enjoying cat sitting for the in-laws. One of their doggies is a grumpy new mama and doesn't tolerate Kitty in the same room as her new babies, and Kitty doesn't tolerate not being the center of attention so I "selflessly" offered to take her for a few days. The little house panther and I are having a fabulous time; she is just so affectionate and things are going swimmingly. One thing I've learned is that it's really hard to get a nice photo of a black cat. It's usually either a blurry black blob with eyes, or she always ends up with RBF. I swear she is super sweet ITL and doesn't want to steal your soul!
Here are some gratuitous kitty glamour shots:

I figured while I have the feline it would be  the perfect time to wear this fun cat sheet mask my bloggy friend Julie over at The Redolent Mermaid sent me and take the ultimate cat selfie! Julie is the queen of finding both luxurious and hilarious novelty sheet masks and this one is right up my alley.
It is a nice collagen mask that left my skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and firm. But really I wore it for the amusement factor.
I mean...come on! Aren't we beautiful?!

But I digress. Aside from furry friends and face masks, I always end up having loads of fun with the hubby, even just randomly running errands. A few days ago we stopped by Walmart for a few sundries and my hubby grabbed some superglue from the gloves box to tighten up a piece on his dashcam holder. Little did he know the glue was leaking everywhere until it was much too late...

I had to stop laughing long enough to go back in the store to buy some nail polish remover to help loosen the glue. It took us about half an hour to get him unstuck! Fortunately now permanent harm done.

Then we decided to go to Starbucks for a conciliatory Unicorn Frappuchino. Well, I had planned to go anyway because I'm a sucker for hype. I had seen it meet with a lot of mixed reviews; to me it wasn't bad but it wasn't spectacular either. The main fruity, sweet flavor was nice enough but I didn't care for the sour berry syrup at the end. Overall it was a fun drink to have once but I'm not bummed it's limited edition. I went, I drank, I got the Instagram pic.

Have you tried any fun new things recently?


  1. Yes, been there, done that with the Unicorn Frapp this weekend. It was all right? I liked the sour part. The whole thing felt deeply unnecessary, though, right? I think there would be better ways to do the unicorn concept (why not pastels, edible mica, cotton candy fluff on top? Seems more unicorny to me.)

    In agreement on the black cat thing. My dear, late kitty, Porky, was a mostly black longhair, with just a smidgen of orange highlights and random peach splotches. She was a gorgeous cat, but horribly unphotogenic - her fur just seemed to suck up all the surrounding light!

  2. What a fun post! Cats! Super glue incidents! Unicorn fraps! Love it. And the photo of you in your mask is too funny, I love it!!! I almost to ok a photo of me wearing one of my cat masks like that but I bailed last minute. I figure the Godzilla one was scarring enough.