Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Fun Series Vendor Feature: The Scented Squirrel

The Scented Squirrel , operated by husband and wife pair Jess and Patrick has been around for less than four months, but is rapidly growing and expanding their product lines. They offer ready to ship 2 oz scent shots for $2 and 3 oz clamshells for $3.25 as well as various other adorable wax shapes. They also have pre-order themed wax samplers monthly and are even going to be selling a special wax advent calendar to be released this Saturday November 19th.

Recently they had expanded their product line into body care, including lotions, whipped sugar scrubs, body sprays and bath bombs.

have ordered their wax over half a dozen times and and have been quite pleased with it. The customer service is outstanding; I always receive my orders in less than a week and the items are carefully packaged and always arrive in perfect condition. I keep repurchasing because Jess comes up with such unique scent blends and they always smell wonderful. I generally get moderate throw for a good 8 hours or so, with her bakery scents usually being the strongest. I have also tried one of the body sprays in the scent Kaleidoscope Eyes which is "vanilla sandalwood, patchouli and blood orange." I love this unique blend. It starts out heavy on the tart blood orange on my skin and has a sultry, musky, spicy dry down. The scent lingers for about 30 minutes on my skin; fairly average results for a body spray. 

I will happily continue ordering from The Scented Squirrel and I look forward to trying her expanding line of body care products! If you are interested in trying The Scented Squirrel wax and sugar scrub, as well as many other fabulous vendors, check out my giveaway on Instagram @thriftypolished

Have you ever tried The Scented Squirrel? What are some of your favorite wax and bath and body brands?


  1. I have quite a few Scented Squirrel melts and I was able to meet Jess in person at a vendor craft fair. That was kinda cool, because I could instantly get a sense of how much care she puts into her products. I agree about the uniqueness, I'll go further by adding blends I wouldn't expect to work, really do. Also, the Scented Squirrel is one of the very few bakery types I can handle, the Love from the Oven scent comes to mind. Which are your absolute favorite squirrel scents?

  2. The labels are so super cute! that a unisquirrel? That's pretty fantastic. :) Great post - I will have to check them out.

  3. Very cute! They have really taken off! Glad to hear the scents have a decent throw and the customer service is good. Those are important for sure. That orange and patchouli scent sounds like it would remind me of Lush's Karma.