Friday, November 25, 2016

Fall Fun Series Top 10 Fall Melts & Black Friday Hauls

I hope all you readers have enjoyed the fall fun series posts from myself and the other participants. I'm quite sad that this is the last Fall Fun Series post; I have gotten so much joy out of writing and reading these posts! I have made several new online friends, learned about some great new vendors and products, and tried many new activities and blogging techniques that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.
A heartfelt thanks to Julie of The Redolent Mermaid blog and Deb of It's Always Something for organizing this fun series and also to the other wonderful participants.

Without further ado, my top ten favorite fall melts of 2016! 

In now particular order:
Sassy Girl Aroma Pumpkin Honey Chai, I-Hop and Florida Citrus Whipped Cream Cake
The Bathing Garden Brown Sugar Cream Rose Bouquet
BHG Vanilla Cookie Crunch
Cosmic Gems Tea Time
Candy Panda Midnight Snack 
Lake Providence Lodge Breakfast At The Lodge 
Glitterati Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Marshmallow Fireside 
Pocket Full Of Peonies Peppermint Sugar Cookie Royale 

My home has definitely smelled heavenly these past few months!

As a brief Thanksgiving wrap up, my holiday celebration was wonderful. The food was exceptional as always and it was so nice to spend time with family members. I have melted a favorite scent every Thanksgiving for the past few years: BHG A Thankful Harvest.

This morning I had absolutely no plans to brave the crowds and the cold for Black Friday bargains, but I did wake up early to help hubby get off to work so I did a little online shopping. I browsed several sales but surprisingly did not end up buying any wax. Nothing really spoke to me and I think I am nearing maximum wax capacity anyway. 2 big storage bins and a tin full of wax in my tiny space is sufficient for a couple years, I'm sure.
I almost pulled the trigger on a Goose Creek Candle order (60% off all candles and 50% off all wax melts, no code needed) but I do have plenty of candles and ended up rethinking it and closing my browser.

The one thing I did succumb to was some fabulous nail polish deals. Zoya has 70% off with code YAY which is by far the best sale deal I've seen. I do already own many Zoyas that I love, so I didn't go too crazy, but I am excited about the 6 mini polishes and 2 lipsticks I got for under $20 shipped!

I also went hog wild at Color4Nails sale, 30% off with code THANKS30. I got several pricy indie polishes that I had be lemming for a long time. I spent more than I would have liked but saved $32 and got free shipping, so I'm justifying it. I am incredibly thrilled about these polishes!
Most of my Christmas gifts for others were ordered weeks ago and are slowly starting to arrive, so hopefully I am done with major shopping for the season.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend! Did you score any great Black Friday deals? What have been some of your favorite fall home fragrances?

If you too are sad about the conclusion of the Fall Fun Series, please check back Friday December 2nd for my Holiday Gift Guide post!


  1. Thanks for the mention, Amanda. I'm glad you had fun with the Fall Fun Series. It was unfortunate that I had to drop out of it but I think it was for the best in my situation.

    I *love* A Thankful Harvest! It's been one of my Thanksgiving must-haves for years now. So glad to see someone else appreciates its wonderfulness. =)

    Looking forward to your Gift Guide post. I did a tiny bit of Christmas shopping this morning and really got into the spirit. Target looked like a disaster after yesterday's Black Friday madness.


  2. Thank you for joining Amanda! I love your posts and you always stay on top of the newest wax vendors and are excited to try them out. Love that. Looks like you scored some wonderful BF deals!! I was tempted by that Zoya sale but I bought a couple KBShimmer and Cirque polishes and my nail collection is close to hitting maximum capacity. I had to cull a few out to make room for the new ones. I hope we can do another series together soon. I am looking forward to participating in the Holiday gift guide one. I just hope that one of the recs I want to make arrives in time to photograph it! Whooops! Thank you for the wonderful fall gift you gave us all. You are amazing and I appreciate you and your blog Amanda. <3

  3. It was so nice meeting you and the other ladies through the series - I'm sad now that it's all finished. I keep thinking I've got prompts to tend to!

    That Color4Nails order is great - go big or go home! Of course, two Christmases ago I took every single cent of mad money I got and put it all into nail polish. I have no regrets!