Monday, November 21, 2016

Fall Fun Series: Thanksgiving Menu & Traditions

I always look forward to Thanksgiving every year. My family and in-laws all live within a few miles of each other so we all gather together at my husband's grandparents house. Let me tell you, they have been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for nearly 60 years and have perfected it! Absolutely scrumptious.

Here's the menu: always the same every year.
Oven roasted turkey 
Handmade stuffing 
Mashed potatoes 
Yams with marshmallows
Green beans with bacon
Fruit salad
Pillsbury crescent rolls 
Canned cranberry sauce 

Desserts are usually pumpkin pie, apple pie, and a delicious oatmeal strusel crunch cake.
Here's a photo from a few years ago.

As for traditions we all just sit around the huge dining table and talk for hours. Some very funny and interesting stories are usually told. A good time is had by all. This photo is from last Thanksgiving, taken under the handcrafted grape arbor in hubby's grandparents' garden.
What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods and traditions?

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  1. How cool that you get to spend Thanksgiving with all your families blended together. What a cool tradition! And that menu looks amazing. My pumpkin pie is baking right now and I cannot wait to pile it high with whipped cream and nosh tomorrow. I love that photo of you guys under the arbor. You two are adorable. Happy Thanksgiving Amanda!!