Friday, February 12, 2016

Smell Goods Wax Valentine's Sampler

OMG, I'm ridiculously excited about this sampler! I'm a romantic at heart; I've had the same Valentine for 13 years, and I've always enjoyed the mushy stuff. :) These scents are absolutely amazing and everything was above and beyond, even the packaging: colored tissue, stickers, silk rose petals, and Valentine's candy.

Cold sniff thoughts:

Love Spell (VS Dupe): a dead on dupe of Love Spell, which I love! Strong.

Amber Romance: (VS Dupe): Very similar to the original; another one of my VS favorites. Creamy floral amber vanilla. Moderate.

Lavender Passion: Strong herbal lavender with a bit of musk. Don't really detect vanilla. Pleasant.

Vanilla Lovers: Mmmm... I definitely got vanilla and even the marshmallow; impressive! Perhaps just a hint of caramel brûlée overtones as well. Moderate. Yummy.

Lavender Marshmallow: Very similar to the Lavender Passion. Strong herbal lavender but without the musk. No marshmallow detected. Borderline laundry soap scent.

Strawberry Passion: Strong, sweet, fruity strawberry candy. Yummy.

Vanilla Rose: In loooove with this one; will probably melt on V-day. Perfect blend of vanilla and rose; reminds me of some of my favorite fragrances, like SW Egyptian Rose Vanille and Vera Wang Embrace Rosebuds & Vanilla. Moderate.

Cotton Candy: Sweet but not cloying. Smells like cotton candy to me; very nice. Moderate. 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries: So delicious smelling and the perfect blend of chocolate and strawberry! Both notes are prominent, but neither overwhelm each other. Strong.

Cotton Candy Lavender: This might be my favorite of the lavender blends. The sweetness of the cotton candy really tempers the herbalness of the lavender. Strong.

Everything smells just fabulous on cold sniff; I can't wait to start melting tomorrow! I won this sampler from a giveaway, but Smell Goods has just made the short list of vendors I'd like to purchase from. I'm very impressed so far.

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  1. What a cute sampler! Rose Vanilla and Cotton Candy Lavender really stand out to me from your thoughts. Too bad the Lavender Vanilla kind of bombed. That blend can be iffy sometimes. I hope they all throw really well for you. The owner of Smell Goods sounds really nice. I will be trying them one day soon.