Sunday, February 21, 2016

Recent Sale Hauls

I went into Sally's yesterday partly to turn in a job application and yes, partly to check out the clearance. I nearly left empty handed; there were only 2 small baskets of clearanced Orlys and a few Finger Paints. Nothing good in there except 2 Mirrorballs and I already have it. But I stopped in my tracks by the door when I spotted a whole other shelf of clearanced NP I hadn't seen before. That's when I hit the motherload! I ended up with 6 polishes for the price of 1! OPIs were 75% off and Orly & ChG 95% off with the extra 20% email coupon!
I also bought 4 Juleps and an OPI off Ebay in the past few days. I'm proud to report I only spent $40 on polishes with an approximate retail value of $120! Yayyyyyy!

I also went into Bath & Body Works because I was using my last 2 handsoaps, so picked up some more from the 5 for $18 sale. I love these new scents; they all smell amazing! Started using the Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla last night; it smells like vanilla horchata; yum!
Stress Relief candle was half off, plus I used the $10 off $30 coupon, so everything came out to $20.79!

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