Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Few Wax Reviews

CFTKR Stiletto Blonde:
Before reviewing this scent, I had to look up it's scent description on the Candles From The Keeping Room site. My initial impressions were that it was vaguely floral and oddly perfume-y. It was sent to me by a friend, so I thought maybe it was older and the scent had become "off," maybe by being stored with other scents and absorbing them. It turns out my scent note impressions were correct and this was actually what the tart was supposed to smell like.
"Stiletto Blonde-Sultry notes of white flowers, intermixed with notes of violets with a hint of muskiness." This sounds more like a perfume description than that of most tarts I melt. Perhaps it is a lovely fragrance of some; to me it did not sit well at all. The florals were cloying and intermixed with something that smelled to me like rotting fruit. I had to turn it off after an hour, which is pretty rare. It was fairly strong throw. Overall grade: C-. Not for me, would not purchase.

Knickknaxwax Karma: Having not sniffed the original Lush Karma scent, I cannot tell you if this is an accurate dupe. What I can say is that it is to me a creamy patchouli musk type scent. Smooth and inoffensive with fairly strong throw that lasted all day. A good quality tart; not my most preferred scent type, but fun every once in a while. Overall grade: A-. Performed well, might repurchase.

House of Usher Grinchpourri:
HoU has become very popular recently and a lovely friend sent me this scent. I like it. I find then notes complex, intriguing, and most importantly, pleasant. To me it smells like grape gummy candies and mulled red wine. Fruity and at times both sweet and spicy. It had strong throw that lasted 6-8 hours. I'd love to try more scents from this brand! Overall grade: A. Would purchase.

SGA Strawberry Bread Noel:
This one is super realistic and sooo yummy! It smells exactly like warm strawberry preserves ladled over freshly baked sweet bread with a dollop of vanilla bean curd on top. I literally want to eat whatever is producing this smell. Nothing artificial about it whatsoever. It has been filling my rooms with the perfect amount of delicious aroma for the past couple hours. Overall grade: A+. Would definitely purchase.

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  1. Nice variety of scents. I am excited to dive into a bunch of SGA. House of Usher has quite a few nice scents :-)