Monday, February 29, 2016

Recent Wax Purchases

Purchased some long coveted wax brands from a super sweet friend on Friday and they arrived today! I'm so happy sniffing everything!
First photo is my purchases, 2nd is generous extras!

Cold Sniff Thought:

S&S Snickerdoodle Latte: Definitely smells like cinnamon/bakery (Snickerdoodles) with just a hint of coffee. Strong and yummy!

S&S Caramel Apple Waffle Cone: Top notes of fresh, juicy apple wrapped in a bit of caramel with just a hint of vanilla. Strong and yummy!

S&S Lemon Curd: Mmm... rich lemon curd, very sharp and strong; not too sweet.

S&S Mystery:
Smells mainly of apple to me. Strong and realistic, but not very unique.

CYS Pumpkin Toffee Cake: Smells mainly of fresh spiced pumpkin pie. I hope the toffee comes out more when melting. Fairly strong.

CYS Carrot Cake: Excited about this one! Smells pretty similar to a carrot cake. I hope it's as rich when melting. Fairly strong.

LSC Scotchie Coffee: the only LSC I've already tried and it's divine (hence the 3). Smells exactly like a butterscotch latte from Starbucks! Strong and yummy.

LSC Pumpkin Brûlée Frappe: Another winner! Smells just like an exquisite coffee drink with a hint of pumpkin spice. Strong and yummy!

LSC Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast: I love it! Strong pumpkin/cinnamon/bakery combo with a hint of maple syrup. To me it smells very similar to BHG's A Thankful Harvest.

LPL Breakfast At The Lodge: I had to try this often raved about scent and it doesn't disappoint! Super strong cinnamon french toast type scent.

Ten Digit Creations Caramel Macchiato: very strong and yummy; definitely smells like caramel and coffee. I also get a hint of nuttiness, maybe... Peanut butter?

Streetman Candle Co Blackberry ICSB: strong and yummy, like a blueberry muffin!

CFTKR Raspberry Coconut Zucchini Bread: very unique. I'm not usually a raspberry fan, but this blend works! Smells strongly of zucchini bread with a swirl of raspberry preserves. Hard to detect any coconut.

CFTKR Coconut Strawberry Cake: smells like strawberry shortcake with a hint of creamy coconut. Very strong and delicious!

SGA Avobath Noel: very excited about this one! Two of my favorite fragrance dupes. The cheerful, fresh citrus of the Avobath is most prominent. The vanilla is not really coming through yet; I hope it does when melting.

SGA Blueberry Basil ISBC: I've had ad loved this one before! Super strong and unique blueberry/basil/bakery blend.

LSC Smoking Mirrors: very intriguing scent! Smoky, musky, almost metallic, but just the slightest bit sweet! Excited to see how this one is when melting.

RG Walvigi's Wonderous Birthday Cake: super sweet and strong vanilla birthday cake scent with a hint of fruit.

RG Gingerbread Man: strong and spicy; definitely smells like a ginger/vanilla/bakery scent.

VCS Million Dollar Mermaid: can't properly describe it. Super strong, both fresh and sweet, kind of like ocean breeze + berry. Too cloying for me.

VCS Rose's Powder Room: super strong and cloying. Smells powdery, and strongly of evergreen with a hint of rose. Very unique but not for me.

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