Thursday, February 4, 2016

NOTD: Zoya Kimmy & Channing

First a pic of my nekkid nails. I've been oiling with Kuluku oil before manis, taking Biotin, and using a strengthening base coat. I haven't had a major break in over 2 months! Even my peelies are improving. This is probably the longest and strongest they've been. Sorry for the slightly different lengths; I know it peeves some people. I'm trying to grow them out as much as I can and then file them all to the same length. The index and middle nails grow so slowly. :/

On to the polish. 1 coat of Zoya Kimmy and Channing with SC Devil's Stare on middle and ring fingers. Great formulas; a little floody, but but very smooth. Kimmy is a beautiful bright shimmery red that looks great on it's own or over other reds. Channing is more orange than I thought it would be; online it looked more bronze/red, but it's still very pretty.

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