Friday, August 25, 2017

Product Review: Biore Pore Strips

Interestingly enough I've been in a pretty good place with my skin recently. I've really only been getting a few blemish breakouts right before my monthly cycle starts (darn hormones.)

For the most part though my skin is has been fairly clear for nearly a year and at 27, nearly 28, I think I may have finally outgrown my moderate acne; yay! I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen.

I used to like to try a ton of different skincare products as most never made a huge difference in my skin clarity and I was always on the perpetual hunt for that "miracle product." Now that my skin has calmed down some on its own, my facial products sit largely untouched and I've really only been using makeup remover wipes and rinsing my skin with water for several months. I still use my favorite Clean & Clear moisturizer after I shower but that's about it.

The one remaining issue I'm not really happy with is the large pores on my nose. I wanted to get them unclogged so  they will be less noticeable. When I was poking around Walmart last week I decided to revisit these Biore Pore Strips. I remember trying them many years ago and the results were so so, but I decided to give them another shot.
Honestly I was sold by the cute leopard print design; much more fun to look at than white.

Of course I had to go with a leopard theme while I waited for the strip to dry; note the leopard head wrap and leggings.

I've noticed I've become increasingly obsessed with themes. Every occasion and/or item has to have a perfect coordinating outfit for me. It's just more fun that way.

But I digress. After 15 minutes I peeled off the strip, which was slightly uncomfortable but not painful. I would say it was a moderate success because it did have some gross spiky gunk stuck to it as advertised. Ewww. 

I think I will continue to use these once a week or so and see if they make a great difference over time. Next time I may try to open my pores with hot steam beforehand and see if that helps remove extra gunk.

Overall I enjoyed using these strips; a fun little pampering process. A pretty good value at 8 strips for $5.97.

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