Thursday, August 24, 2017

Another Ross Haul

I had a fun little day yesterday; it was the last day of my free gym membership so I enjoyed one more water aerobics class. Then I donned my cute floral exercise capris, Danskin brand from Walmart, and my Old Navy tank and wandered over to a nearby tea house that I hadn't tried before for a refreshing Thai iced tea, yum! 
After a nice veggie sandwich from the grocery store deli I did some shopping.

I always try to resist the pull of extemporaneous shopping; sometimes I'm successful and sometimes I'm not. Before the last few months I hadn't been to a Ross in a few years, but lately various activities have had me in close proximity to the discount retailer and I've found myself in there a few times for different reasons. I was there yesterday to help my mother-in-law pick out an outfit for an upcoming family reunion. I wasn't planning to get anything for myself but when browsing the clothes intently I kept finding stuff that would look good on me. *sigh*

I successfully picked out 3 tops, a sweater and a pair of pants for MIL, but I ended up with just as many items. At least everything was really reasonably priced.

Ross's fall candle game is pretty strong; I've really been enjoying the candles I purchased there a couple months ago and was excited to see the fall scents. I limited myself to one candle but there were several different pumpkin scents as well as apple and fall leaves types. I chose the yummy smelling Caramel Pumpkin Latte scent.

Ross's copycat game is also strong; these 3-wicks look extremely similar to BBW's down to the fancy labels and decorative autumnal lids. 
But at $5.99 they are a sight cheaper than BBW's  regularly priced $22.50 candles. It was just over a dollar more expensive than Walmart's 719 Walnut Avenue candles, but still an excellent value. This is a nice candle with moderate throw and an even wax pool. I would definitely purchase again.

Also in the houswares section I found these adorable cat mugs!
You know the two in front came home with me. I'm just a crazy cat lady with no cats; a wannabe cat lady. How sad.😂 But I also love mugs and the beverages that go in mugs so it's really a win win. $3.99 each.

Then I restrained myself to just a few clothing items. I'm really into super soft, comfy fabrics and drapey fitting tops with slimmer bottoms lately. I'm also digging black, floral prints and fun animal and tribal prints. I love that cute yet comfy is really having a fashion moment right now. There's nothing more ideal than looking and feeling good in your clothes.
I got a cute elephant tee that will go well with my various elephant print leggings and a beautiful navy and pink floral tee. $9.99 each.
Also some rose print jogger pants and yet another pair of ultra soft black leggings, because one can never have too many. At $5.99 and $4.99 respectively, they certainly are better priced than many of the $25 leggings out there.

So that's my haul for yesterday. Have you found any good bargains recently?

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  1. You look super cute in your gym duds. I might have to drop into Ross and check out their leggings. I would like a black pair. I have a few prints but a classic black pair seems essential.