Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Walmart Fall Wax Scents Part 2

It finally happened: as I pushed along the shopping cart that always seems to have one gimpy, wobbly wheel, I spotted a unicorn in the distance. A freshly stocked, unmolested wax isle; be still my heart! I had to stop myself from skipping as I sniffed here and there, like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower.

Plus as all waxies know, Fall is the ultimate season for amazing fragrances (don't argue or you may end up with a handful of pumpkin spice to the face.) So this restock of glorious new scents and returning seasonal favorites was doubly special. 

So here aren't the goods that went home with me.
I said in my last Walmart wax post thatI would be back for that 719 Walnut Ave Apple Delight 3-wick and I wasn't kidding. No regrets: it's fabulous! I melted it for a solid 8 hours the next day and it performed perfectly. Strong throw of yummy apple bakery, deep even wax pool, strong wicks with no drowning. I love these cheap little gems.

These BHG scents were all new to me; I'm pretty sure they're all new blends for this year. They also had the great returning classics such as Farm Apple Pumpkin and A Thankful Harvest, but as I'm sure I still have a few clams of the oldies floating around in my stash I just focused on the new kids. Way to stay on trend BHG! They came out with versions of a lot of blends that are really having moments right now.

Case in point: Around The Campfire.
Yes, it is kind of a Marshmallow Fireside type scent, but it's not identical. A little more resin and woodsmoke to my nose and a little less sweet marshmallow. I am apprehensive that they are messing with perfection on this one because the original MF and it's dupes are amazing to me, but this BHG scent also smells great on cold, so I'll be super excited to melt it.

Another blatant copycat, BHG's Berry Pumpkin Tart also does not smell a lot like BBW's Blueberry Pumpkin Patch to me. The blueberry note is not nearly as prominent here and in fact it mostly smells like unsweetened canned pumpkin with no spice and little bakery. Hopefully the other notes will really blossom when melting.

I love these dual scent clamshells and Perfect Winter Kiss sounded appealing. Winter Cuddle is a strong, fresh laundry and masculine cologne type, with a touch of cashmere musk for extra coziness. Frosted Mint is a sweet, icy spearmint. I could see them being really great together.

Pumpkin Maple Syrup is exactly as I would hope: rich cinnamon dusted pumpkin pancakes dripping with warm maple syrup. Scrumptious!

Moonlit Pumpkin Magic intrigues me. I wonder if the magic part is that it doesn't smell much like pumpkin but still smells good? It's a warm, mild scent. Something I can't quite put my finger on; perhaps a golden hay note with a soft musk. BHG seems to love musk; I find it hiding in the background of a lot of their scents. Fortunately I love musk too. This one evokes vibes of a moonlit freshly harvested hay field. Cool.

You need Warm Tobacco Leaf in your life! Another one of those super popular current scents that you either love or despise. Fortunately I enjoy it and this is a great rendition. Robust and a bit sweet, like fine pipe tobacco smoke. Earthy, warm and oh so comforting.

Scentsationals Cozy Retreat- another winning combo! The Honeycrisp Cider in this is amazing; I may go back for another clam of it by itself. Very sweet and juicy apple dripping with swirls of honey and mulling spices. Rustic Cabin Kitchen is also lovely, warm, woodsy and musky with baking spices filling the air.

Praline Spice- I love that it's not cinnamon overload. It's a deep and bold cinnamon sugar but the rich vanilla buttercream tempers it nicely. Reminds me of a cinnamon streusel coffee cake. Not super unique but pleasant.

Finally, Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie. I liked this one more in the store but now that I get it home, it smells of a vague sweetness with definite waxy undertones. Hardly the sweet cranberry bakery blend I'd expect, but I'll give it a fair shake when melting. 

That's it for this week's Walmart wax saga. Who knows what sorts of scents might appear next! Do you enjoy these brands? Any standout scents to you? What types of blends are you looking forward to for fall?


  1. Fun scents - lots of variety, yummy sounding things to try out (shame about the Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie one, which sounds great, but perhaps not in practice. Or maybe I just want to EAT a cranberry oatmeal cookie?) :)

    I hear you about the un-tossed wax aisle, though. At my local Walmart this morning, the wax aisle looked as though it had barely survived a tornado of insanely handsy toddlers - I couldn't find anything, boo.

  2. Great scents!!! You had me at the Marshmallow Fireside dupe, the pumpkin magic and tobacco ones. YES! I will have to head to Walmart and check them out. <3

  3. It is always a saga when it comes to Walmart wax isn't it? Don't know if I'll make it out there for fall wax, as you know it's NOT my favorite season (ducks the spice cloud) BUT a few of your goodies caught my eye:Moonlit Pumpkin Magic and Around the Campfire. Love me some musk and smoky marshmallow.
    The question is, will I ever be in the mood to fight off the other wax sniffers?