Thursday, August 17, 2017

NOTD: Dance Legend Sub Zero

Three coats of my only Dance Legend, Sub Zero. It is so subtly beautiful; a teal jelly with teal flakies and red iridescent micro shimmer.
It's also a thermal but I wasn't able to get much color change with cold and hot water. Oh well, still pretty.


  1. Dance Legend, man, whatever happened to them? Are they still around? I used to get my DL stuff (just a few bottles, actually) from Llarowe, but not since they closed up retail shop. I have one, can't remember the name, that looks a bit like this - it's a blue jelly with iridescent flakes in it, very cool. I also see thermal's making a comeback, even if it doesn't want to play nice. :(

    1. Yes, Dance Legend is still going strong. They have quite a few pretty polishes; I'm surprised I don't have more. I bought this one last December; I believe it was from Could have also been