Wednesday, August 9, 2017

NOTD: The Song of the Sea

Nvr Enuff The Song of the Sea. This was the free polish I got for spinning their prize wheel and man am I glad I did! This polish is stunning! The formula was incredibly saturated and super smooth to apply. It could have been a one coater but I did two for good measure. It's turquoise micro glitter in a turquoise base with larger pieces of green and gold glitter. Perfect consistency; not too chunky at all. I highly recommend it!

The only odd thing about it was it was very similar in the bottle to their duo exclusive Beyond The Reef. Someone had two of a pretty prototype and wanted to trade so I ended up trading away Beyond The Reef but now I wish I hadn't so I could compare the two.


  1. This polish is gorgeous on you! I love how it sparkles in the sun.