Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Update On Nügg & Shea Moisture Customers Service

In the past few months I have had irritated reactions to 2 face masks from 2 different companies, something that has never happened to me before. Upon further research I believe the reaction could have been caused by peppermint oil in the Nügg face mask and rose oil in the Shea Moisture face mask. I have learned that scented oils can be irritating to some people's faces, even if they don't have particularly sensitive skin like myself. I will be carefully checking the ingredients list of any new facial products I get before trying them from now on. I wanted to report back on my customer service experiences with these two companies because their responses were vastly different, and I believe it is important for consumers to hear about the experiences of other consumers.

For full back story, my review of the Nügg Flax Seed & Peppermint Oil Revitalizing Face Mask can be read here:

My review of Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Mud Mask can be read here:

I decided it was important to provide an honest review of my experiences with each of these products to the companies. I left my review on Nügg's website and Facebook page. Within a day or so they contacted me via email. Unfortunately I've since deleted the email, but in a nutshell they said they were sorry I had an unpleasant experience and it was likely the peppermint oil that was too intense for my skin. They asked what my skin type and concerns were and if I would like to try some other masks that might better suit my needs. I thought that was a great response to the situation; I felt like they really cared about me as a customer. I emailed a reply thanking them and stating that I would like to try other masks. I didn't hear anything else via email, but about a week later a box showed up with 2 masks for me to try! 

Although I am cautious to try more products from their brand, I will certainly do a small test patch of these masks and if that goes well, I will be happy to use them. I like that the Nügg brand went above and beyond to leave me with a positive impression instead of a negative one, and if I find a product of theirs I really love I'd be happy to buy it.

I had quite a different experience with Shea Moisture. Not only did I experience quite a bit more discomfort with their product, but my attempts to discuss it with them have been largely met with superficial responses. 
After my experience with this product I went to leave a review on their website and was disturbed to find that all the reviews I saw were negative. Some poor users had much worse reactions than I did. Link to reviews: http://www.sheamoisture.com/Peace-Rose-Oil-Complex-Sensitive-Skin-Mud-Mask_p_1520.html#close
I left a comment on their product website, as well as on their Facebook page and Instagram since this was a brand new product and they seemed to be promoting it heavily. They did initially respond, basically saying we are sorry for your experience and please contact us. So I tried to contact them privately but it's been two weeks and they haven't response to any of my private messages. I feel like they want to appear publicly as though they have good customer relations but don't actually want to do anything about the problem. I do not wish to receive any products or compensation from them. The only thing I'd like is for them to acknowledge that many customers have had a negative reaction to this mask and stop marketing it as being specifically for "sensitive skin." At the very least this product needs more testing; I'm no expert but judging by anecdotal evidence, it is not safe for the general public as is. I am very disappointed in the way Shea Moisture is largely ignoring this issue and continuing to tout this new product. I will not be supporting this company any more with purchases, and I will attempt to warn as many people as I can about the possible bad reaction with this mask. I am surprised that so many other people seem to love Shea Moisture products. I also had a Shea Moisture shampoo long before I tried this mask and I'm struggling to finish it. The shampoo is watery and runny, smells unpleasant, barely lathers, and does absolutely nothing for my hair. I was disappointed to see a Shea Moisture cream rinse offered in the latest Target beauty box, but I dix order it because I wanted the other products in there. Overall I've never been so disappointed in a brand as a whole and although they might have many good products that may work for me, I'm no longer into in trying them. I'll be supporting brands that give me an excellent customer service experience and quality products consistently. 

Thanks for reading my reviews! Have you ever tried products from either of these brands? Thoughts? 

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