Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Fun Series: Halloween Higlights

Happy Halloween and Boo to you, one and all! Today I am melting a festive concoction called All Hallows' Eve by The Scented Squirrel. It's quite the interesting brew of pumpkin, fruits and spices; I love it!

Some other waxy highlights today include my Glitterati flash sale box that came in the mail. Let me tell you, I didn't buy into the "unicorn of wax" hype for a long time, but I must say everything smells incredibly strong and wonderful on cold sniff; I can't wait to start melting these bad boys! 

I also received a super festive giveaway prize consisting of wax, lotion and scrub in the scent Seasonal Madness from The Bathing Garden. "Smells of sweet cotton candy glazed apples, creamed corn, vanilla frosting, and pumpkin pudding." It's absolutely scrumptious; even my husband approves!

Aside from all these smell goods, what am I going to celebrate Halloween? Well, my nails are the only thing that usually dress up. This is one coat of Zoya Storm and 3 coats of a cool old orange shimmer jelly from WnW a friend sent me and some adorable Halloween decals another friend sent me!

I am currently engaged in my favorite Halloween pastime: curled up in a fleecy blanket, watching Hocus Pocus, one of the best Halloween movies ever, sipping on apple cider and nibbling pumpkin donuts from my festive dishes. Oh, and melting my favorite pumpkin waffles candle.
Here is my costume:

I'd like to leave you with a few of my favorite spooky salutations.

Do you celebrate Halloween? What are your favorite traditions?


  1. Wow! We have the same costume this year;) Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate Halloween night. I'm going to reorder from the Scented Squirrel this weekend, I think and congrats on your TBG giveaway! It sounds like such a divine scent. Let us know how those Glitterati's compare. Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh, that Bathing Garden stuff looks so great! They are regrettably no bueno for delivery to Canada, but their stuff is gorgeous, and that scent sounds scrumptious. Enjoy!

  3. How fun! Looks like it was the perfect Halloween evening. Candles, cider, donuts and a movie: bliss. Congrats on the Glitterati flash sale! That wax really is pretty good. I think I may have a few Glitterati stragglers left in my stash. How is Plum Delicious?