Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Recent Sale Hauls

BBW SAS haul: With $10 gift card, $10 off coupon, and sale prices I spent $26 and saved nearly $70! I got a lot of my favorite scents. The only things I was disappointed about was they had no 50% off 3-wicks left except Fireside, and no sugar scrubs were on sale. There were a lot of great deals to be had though.

Walmart: My Walmart did not have any new spring tarts in yet, but a lot of the fall/winter scents were on clearance for $1.50 so I got backups of some of my faves. I also found a Gourmet Cookie Shop candle! Love it so much! The Blueberry Pancakes candle is an old favorite and was on clearance for $3. This was all free and then some because I had a gift card. :)

Yves Rocher: I was recommended this fragrance a while back and couldn't get it out of my head as I'm a sucker for coconut, so I finally pulled the trigger. I've never sniffed it but the reviews were great so hopefully I love it. A lot of the site is 50% off right now; sadly the items I wanted weren't. I did manage to find a 15% off code though: 15ROCHER. There's also free shipping on $35+. They also automatically added a free nightcream, free tote, and 3 free samples at checkout. Pretty good for $24!

Have you found any good post Christmas sale deals? Please share in the comments!

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