Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Leopard Shoe Collection

So, dear readers, I may have a bit of a leopard shoe problem...

I now own 3 pairs of leopard print flats:

Payless Dexflex: $19.99 2 years old and getting a bit dingy.

Minnetonka Kilty Moccasins: $39.99 black w/leopard print, purchaced on Monday.

These loafers that I just got last night from Dollar General, deeply discounted to $8 so I couldn't resist! 

At first my concern was that I wouldn't get enough use out of all three. Since they're all flat and leopard print, they all kind of go with the same types of outfits. Are they different enough that it's worth having all 3 styles? 

Well, I have allayed my fears by searching for some outfit ideas to wear with each type of shoe in the future. Here are some sneak peeks of some looks that I plan to do.

Captoed Ballet Flats Look (from Hello Gorgeous Blog.)

Leopard Moccasins Look (Pinterest).

Leopard Loafers Look ( Pinterest).

Thanks for looking! :)

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