Friday, December 27, 2013

How To Style: Jeans and Ankle Boots

Jeans and ankle boots are easy to wear in the winter, but how can we keep them from being boring? I went with use of color, print mixing, and layering in these outfits.


Yesterday's OOTD:
Scarf: boutique $12.99
Black Thermal: Walmart $6
Pink Tee: Old Navy thrifted $3
Jeans: Walmart $19.97
Moto Boots: Kmart $29.99
Grand Total $71.95


Today's OOTD:
Cardigan: Walmart $14.97
Striped Shirt: gift
Cami: Walmart $5.88
Necklace: $5.99
Boots: American Eagle thrifted $6

Grand Total: $32.84

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