Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Walmart Wax Haul

The only two new ones I wanted were Violet Sugar and Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies. I found about 5 other new scents, but they were all fresh/clean, tropical/fruity or floral scents that didn't particularly appeal to me. These were not on the shelves in the wax isle yet; they were all tossed into one of those giant bins at the end of the isle.
Violet Sugar is a light, sweet floral on cold sniff; similar to Sugared Lavender Twist but darker/more sensual with a hint of berries. I hope it is strong when melting; I just put it in the warmer, so we shall see shortly.

Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies is a strong, tart lemon on cold sniff. I'm hoping a bit more of the mellow vanilla bakery will come through when melting.

I'm still on a woodsy scent kick, so I bought several more of those, and I found the last Pumpkin Waffles 3-wick clearanced to $4; yay!

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