Sunday, January 24, 2016

Recent Wax Reviews

719 Walmart Avenue Country Market:
I really love this candle for spring! It is a delicious, fresh fruit scent, mainly melon with a hint of strawberry. It had fairly strong throw that was noticeable all day. Overall grade: A. Would repurchase.

BHG Apricot Rose Water:
A super strong juicy apricot scent with a hint of floral; such an enchanting blend. I'm very pleased with this long lasting an unique scent. Overall grade: A+ would repurchase.

SGA Tres Leches Sugar Cookie Vanilla Sugar: I was a bit disappointed in this one; it did not have a very strong throw and seemed like an ordinary light vanilla fragrance to me. It did not live up to the standard of strong throw and unique blends I've come to expect from SGA, in my opinion. Overall Grade: C. Would not purchase.

Mainstays French Toast: 
This scent was a very realistic; they did a great job capturing the individual french toast notes of maple syrup, cinnamon, bread, and even egg! I would say the throw was moderate in my small rooms; noticeable but not quite as strong as I prefer. Overall grade: B+. Would repurchase.

BHG Pure White Woods:
I love this scent! This is a clean, fresh woodsy scent. Warm yet crisp, I think it would make an excellent women's perfume. It is a similar but less masculine counterpart to BHG's Warm Rustic Woods scent. It is a nice home fragrance with strong and long lasting throw. Overall grade: A. Would repurchase.

Sniff My Tarts Peppermint Pink Sugar Spearmint:
One of my waxy friends raved about this scent and she was right; it is stellar! It's a sweet pink sugar mint blend with super strong throw that could easily last two days. It is delightful and as one of the first tarts I've tried from SMT and I hope to try many more scents! Overall grade: A+. Would purchase.

American Home by Yankee Banana Walnut Bread:
I had been reluctant to try this new line of tarts because they're more expensive than all the other brands of tarts I purchase at Walmart and I have not generally gotten strong throw from the regular Yankee brand tarts. I found these on clearance for $3 just after Christmas and it smelled like a pleasant, strong banana nut bread scent on cold sniff. It is also yummy smelling when melting and was fairly strong all day. Overall grade: A. Would repurchase and try more scents on sale.

BBW Praline Pecan Cobbler:
With 50% off clearance sale and 20% off coupon I purchased this candle for $9, which is still nearly twice as much as I would pay for a candle at Walmart. On cold sniff this candle has a fairly strong pleasant sugared pecan/bakery scent. Unfortunately when melting it did not seem to give off a strong scent; I had to stand directly above it to smell it. If I'm going to purchase a premium priced candle, I would certainly expect it to perform well. With the exception of a few gems I have not gotten good throw from a lot of BBW candles. I'm not sure why I keep buying into the hype and purchasing them. I think they had better performance in past years and I keep hoping to find winners. Overall grade: C. Would not repurchase.

Mainstays Maple Glazed Apples:
This candle is a delightful and unique blend of sweet maple frosting and fresh green apples. It has moderate throw and burns evenly. Overall grade: B+. Would repurchase.

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