Friday, August 28, 2015

Reviews: Southbound Soap Ever After & Pacifica Island Vanilla

This morning I'm melting a cute heart shaped tart from an etailer I'd never tried before called Southbound Soap Co. It is a delightful sugary fruity floral, almost perfumey. It reminds me of pink sugar mixed with love spell. Strong throw but not overwhelming, and I can't stop sniffing! I'm so taken with this scent I visited the website to look up the scent description. "Ever After - Fresh pomegranate, citrus, berries and musk are sweetened with vanilla and sugar crystals." I definitely detect the sugared fruity notes. I think this is a winner and would be interested to try more blends from this company.

I'm also burning a Pacifica Island Vanilla candle. It's a warm vanilla with a hint of spice, but I'm mildly disappointed because I think Pacific's wax base has a fake, plasticy note that I don't like. I had the same problem with their Persian Rose scented candle. I'm glad I got these on sale; I probably won't repurchase their candles, but I hear wonderful things about their perfumes and would be happy to try some of their other products. Not very strong throw either.

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