Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: Many Perfumes

These are all the perfumes and samples I've purchased or received for free in the last 3 or so months. I'm trying to find out which mid to HE end perfumes I really like and pick a few to be signature scents. I'm trying to use up the mists and older perfumes I have so that I can have an updated and very "me" scent wardrobe. The most important qualities to me are obviously scent, longevity, and price.
Here are my thoughts on these perfumes left to right, top to bottom.

Purchased from FragranceNet all in the $1.49-$2.99 range
Valentino Rock N Rose: I had high hopes for this one as it is a popular rose scent and I love rose, but I was underwhelmed. It's a pleasant scent with a hint of rose and several other floral notes. Light and doesn't assault the senses like some florals, but wasn't anything special. Was completely gone in an hour. Wouldn't repurchase due to longevity and lack of uniqueness.
Aquolina Gold Sugar: Love! It's pink sugar mixed with a warm cashmere type scent like BBW Cashmere Glow and a hint of amber like BBW Sensual Amber. Lasted 2-3 hours on me. Would repurchase.
D&G 14 La Tempérance: was rec'd to me by the perfume board (thanks!) and I like it! It is a warm floral with a hint of rose, musk and other floral scents. Fresh and flirty; lasted 2-3 hours on me. Might repurchase, except that DH didn't like it. He and I tend to have different scent preferences, so I have to take this with a grain of salt, lol.
Hervè Leger Rose Leger: This was one of my biggest disappointments. Very strong, fresh & green, didn't really get rose from it at all. Smelled like unpleasant  air freshener and unfortunately lingered for a few hours. Would not repurchase.
Anna Sui Forbidden Affair: one of my most pleasant surprises! I get rose, iris, berry, musk, sugar, and other floral notes. It is fresh and not overwhelming but sensual. It seems like a lighter, more mature version of and old discontinued favorite of mine and DH's called Sinful from the store Anchor Blue. It only lasted 1-2 hours on me but I hope it would have more longevity in the full sized bottle. Might repurchase.

Free Samples with an Ulta Order:
Paco Rabanne 1 Million: A strong, sexy warm amber scent. Similar to BBW Sensual Amber, but a bit more masculine. (May even be a men's cologne.) Lasted 3-4 hours. Liked it but might not repurchase as there are amber scents I like more.
Aquolina Pink Sugar: Love! You all know what this smells like. Would repurchase but will probably get an etailer dupe: CP or CYS.
(Not pictured) single use Verscace Bright Crystal: a pleasant but unmemorable fresh floral. Lasted an hour or 2. Would not repurchase.

Free samples from Dame Perfumery:
Black Flower Mexican Vanilla: extremely unique, great for layering. Very strong and long lasting. Latsted 3-5 hours. Smells like horchata (vanilla rice milk, cinnamon & spices) to me, but can have a "vintage" smell on dry down. I like to wear it under other vanilla or coconut scents to add complexity. Would not repurchase.
Desert Rose: Ugh, horrible, strong, cloying rose perfume. Not for me at all; probably the worst on the list. Would not purchase.
Peach Blossom, Violet & Vanilla: this was the only one I specifically requested from Dame as I like all these notes individually, but it was just ok. Reminds me of a lighter, more sophisticated Love Spell (which I love). But something was lacking overall; just wasn't special enough. Would not repurchase.
Dark Horse: Probably the best of the Dames I received. Reminds me a lot of BBW Dark Kiss, but not quite as strong and less sweet. Like it, but would not repurchase as I have Dark Kiss and like it more.
There was one more Dame sample (not pictured), a men's cologne called Herb Man that was extremely strong and green. Neither DH nor I liked it and didn't wear it, so I can't give it a proper review.

One Direction You & I EDP, received for free in my Walmart Beauty Box:
I like this one quite a bit for a "young" celebrity fragrance. It's a clean, green floral. Fresh and slightly sweet, not cloying at all. Lasted a while, at least 2 hours. I like but would not purchase as it's not very "me."

Avon Secrets To Keep Kiss, purchased on sale for $8.99:
I like this for a change of pace or palate cleansing fragrance, but am not in love with it. It is green and just a tiny bit sweet with a prominent nutty note, like almond. Not at all what I thought it would be, but it's pleasant. Very relaxing and mature to me. Would not repurchase.

BBW Oahu Coconut Sunset EDT purchased on clearance for $7 and change:
One of my favorite buys! Very unique and not super sweet coconut, warm scent. I love everything Oahu, but my favorites are the EDT, body cream, and shower gel. EDT lasts about 3 hours on me (really good for BBW) and layers well. Would Repurchase.

Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck, purchased at Walmart on clearance for $9.
A lovely warm, musky, ambery, sweet pink sugar type scent. Very nice but only lasts an hour on me. Wouldn't repurchase due to longevity and lack of uniqueness.

So the clear winners for me so far are Pink Sugar, Gold Sugar, and Oahu. The strong maybes are La Tempérance and Forbidden Affair. Everything else I can live without. Thanks for reading and please feel free to suggest any other fragrances you think I might like! My search is not over yet. :)


  1. Wow! What a huge selection of samples you tried! I love Pink Sugar in home fragrance but not for my body, however, you have me wanting to sample Gold Sugar! Sounds lovely. I agree on the Bright Crytal being "meh." Too bad none of the Dames wowed you but you can't bet the price ;-) Havd you tried Lolita Lempicka? It is a nice designer but budget fragrance. I blew through a whole bottle from Burlington.

    1. Thanks for your responses on my posts! I have not tried LL yet but I hear good things. I'm compiling a list of more fragrances to try and it is getting far too long, haha!