Tuesday, August 4, 2015

NOTD: Dainty Digits

My experience ordering from Dainty Digits Polish was wonderful! Fast shipping, excellent customer service and beautiful polishes. 

NOTD is  Dainty Digits Drop the Ball and Neptune's Wonderland. POTD is Mercury Sunrise. They are stunning and the formulas are great! 1st pic is 2 coats DTB and 1 coat NW. 2 coats MS on toes.

2nd pic includes my failed attempt at a tape mani. Was going to do some stripes it would seem the polish wasn't completely dry in between coats, even though it felt dry and not tacky to the touch. When I pulled up the tape huge chunks of polish came up with it. Maybe it was just the wrong texture polish for a tape mani altogether. 
I just globbed a bunch of glitter over the ruined nails in an attempt to cover it up; at least they're still shiny. :)

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