Monday, March 27, 2017

Life Lately

Hi all! If you're reading this, thanks so much for sticking with my blog. I had not really intended to take a break from posting, but I found myself with a bit of writer's block over the past couple of weeks. I felt run down and uninspired and so I needed to take a break from the self imposed pressure to post daily.
I still really enjoy blogging though and and definitely don't plan to quit permanently. I'm taking a more relaxed approach to it now but still hope to create some musings fairly regularly, whenever I have something to share.

I really appreciate each and every one of my readers and the friends I have made online through shared interests. This is not a professional blog by any means, so your comments and support mean so much.

Anyway I have been focusing on self care recently, just trying to be mellow and taking whatever life holds as it comes. I had a terrible sore throat for nearly two weeks and completely lost my voice. It was surprising and miserable as I haven't been that sick in many years. Fortunately I am almost back to 100% in both body and spirit. I had been feeling a lot of anxiety recently and you may remember me mentioning that I had made my first appointment to speak with a therapist. I had that meeting and it went quite well. The psychiatrist seemed like a very nice and down to earth gentleman and I made an appointment to see him again. We didn't delve too deeply into any issues as this was more of a meet and greet sort of thing but I am optimistic to see where it goes and if I can gain some tools to cope with my anxiety better and figure out more of a concrete direction in life. My husband also had a positive first experience and will be seeing him again too.

Last week was a good week. Hubby was only vacation and we just took things easy and relaxed and spent a lot of good quality time together.

We tool care of a few errands and ignored some others. 

We had several delicious meals. Even though it was raining most of the week we managed to have a good time and went to our favorite beach spot on the only sunny day. We walked for hours along the pier and beach, playing Pokémon Go and enjoying each other's company. The empty boardwalk at night looks quite spooky!

We had decadent clam chowder in the California famous sourdough bread bowl as well as some delicious fried prawns. 

I was proud that we walked over three miles in order to burn off all those tasty morsels. Of course that resulted in a slice ofour favorite garlic smothered pizza at midnight.

I mentioned the rain: early on in the week my area actually had a tornado warning! I was so surprised; tornado weather is so rare in California and never in my 27 years had a warning been issued here. I called all my family to make sure they were aware, but fortunately no funnel clouds developed and it was just a fast moving and awe inspiring thunderstorm. It was fascinating and eerie to watch but was all over within an hour. I was grateful and relieved no damage was done; inclement weather is no joke.

We also went to the movies with hubby's dad and saw the new King Kong: Skull Island. I was a bit skeptical at first but it was actually quite entertaining and more well made than I thought it would be. It's nice to spend quality time with family and even nicer when it's around the dinner table over a delicious homecooked meal!

Another new development is that I started using the My Fitness Pal app about a week ago to track what I eat as I really had no idea how many calories I was consuming daily. It was rather eye opening and actually kind of fun. My stats indicate that I should be eating around 1900 calories a day and I've been consistently going over by a few hundred calories every day, so if I made some slight adjustments in my diet I might actually see some weight loss. Mindfulness is important if I want to accomplish anything, so it will be interesting to see how this progresses.

I must say that my no buy back in January did help me center my financial priority a bit. I don't currently feel compelled to buy every single thing that interests me and I haven't charged anything on credit in a while. I have made a couple of wax purchases and a couple polish purchases of things that I really thought through and I was pleased with those purchases. I look forward to highlighting a few of them in upcoming posts!

I guess that's about it for now; don't be a stranger and neither will I! I'd like to leave you with these little pearls of wisdom. I've found enjoying the small pleasures in life and savoring the moment to be most fulfilling.

Any recent developments in your life? Feel free to share!


  1. So glad to hear that things went well with your first appointment and that you got to have relaxing time with the hubbie. Nothing like clearing the mind by spending time with the ones you love most and good food! Glad to have you back!

  2. I'm glad to hear your first appointment went well for you and your husband! Self care in all areas of life, whether with professional help or not, is very important. I'm glad you took some time to work on yourself! <3

    Those tornado warnings were intense! Weather in the States seems so crazy lately. There were tornado warnings where my family lives as well. I've developed a strong fear towards waking up and checking the news and weather for back home.

    I'm having some serious food envy right now. I've been craving good ol' "American" food outside of the normal offerings on post, and Korean equivalents just don't hit the spot.

    Do you plan to order from SMT when they open up?