Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Destination: Wax Haul

Wanderlust in wax form. That's how I would describe my recent order from Destination Wax! I first learned about Destination Wax from a wax chat Facebook group. The photos and glowing reviews of this brand were tempting me when I was on my no-buy back in January and thereafter when my funds were limited and I was trying to be mindful of my purchases. I finally was able to place a wax order a couple weeks ago and DW was at the top of my running "to try" list. I am so glad I jumped on the DW bandwagon; I am beyond pleased with my ordering experience! 

Destination Wax has two methods by which you can order. One is on their Etsy website and the other is by emailing your desired scents, shapes and quantities to destinationwax@comcast.net. This seemed a bit unconventional to me at first but I chose the latter method and actually found it quite easy to go through the scent list in the Destination Wax Facebook Group and pick out some scents that sounded intriguing. I just ordered one of each of my desires scents to try in their "lilliput" shape, which could be either two squares or a scent shot. I found their prices very reasonable and competitive with other brands I've ordered from. The squares and scent shots are $1.75 each for approximately 1.5 oz of wax. They also carry other sizes such as loaves and they do have custom scent blend ordering options. 
Shipping was also reasonable. My order was able to fit in a pre-paid flat rate envelope which is usually the cheapest shipping option and recently raised to $7.20. My order was extremely well packaged with tissue paper and in a box inside the envelope for extra protection so everything arrived in perfect condition.

One of the things I really like about this brand is their travel themed aesthetic. They used a really cool compass theme to decorate their wax labels and packaging, and even had a map motif piece of fabric tied around the bag containing the scent shots.
The attention to detail was superb and made everything about this order so aesthetically pleasing. I really appreciate the the handwritten thank you note the sweet owner Rebecca included as well.

As much as I loved the eye candy in this package, I hastily unpacked my order to do my favorite thin with wax: sniff the glorious blends! When placing an order with a new vendor for the first time I really need the themes and scent descriptions to "hook" me. I have such a huge wax collection that of late I've been trying to only order scents that I don't have much of that sound really unique and appealing to me. I obviously enjoy the travel theme, but the scent descriptions really solidified my desire to order. There were several blends I hadn't heard of before that I just had to try, and you can tell that Rebecca really put a lot of thought and creativity into her blends. It was hard to stick to a reasonable amount of wax and I had to narrow down my list a couple of times but I eventually ended up ordering these 14 different scents.
Autumn Walk
Bonfire Bliss
Coffee: Kona Mocha
Fresh Lettuce
Lavender: Mankua Honey
London Calling 
Mirror of the Witch
Pistachio & Rosewater Cake
Prailenes & Popcorn
Rainforest Sugarcane 
Sea Salt & Cocoa Truffle 
Southern Mint Tea
Thai Sticky Rice
Tonka Bean & Soft Sugar
I also received four generous free sample scents!

I ordered this wide variety because I love to try a lot of different fragrances and these all sounded wonderful to me. As I opened my tarts and sniffed each one I was not disappointed! There was not a single one that I didn't like and in fact they all smelled just as I imagined and hoped they would. It was actually quite a serendipitous sniffing experience and if they all smell as wonderful and strong when melting as they did on cold then I will be a DW customer for life! I have several of these new scents lined up to melt in April and I will be excited to share my thoughts on that.

Have you tried Destination Wax? Thoughts?
Have you ordered from or fallen in love with any other new vendors recently?
How do you learn about new vendors? I mostly find out about new to me vendors through social media and my bloggy friends. I have also placed a small order from another new to me vendor that I can't wait to share with you in an upcoming post!

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  1. I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on London Calling as it is probably my favorite candle from B&BW and I've heard that this one is that plus 10. The sticky rice also sounds interesting though I'm not sure how it would smell lol.