Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Wrap Up

Tea and wifi, my favorite companions.
It's certainly been a month of ups and downs. I haven't been sharing "goals" posts for the last few weeks because I'm not sure what my goals are right now. I did swimmingly at maintaining a no buy, trying new recipes and cutting back on sugar and processed foods in January. I felt proud of my small accomplishments, but once my self imposed limit of the month was up, I lost motivation to keep up the habits. I had a hard time with the sugar cravings throughout and was tired of feeling "deprived" without having any noticeable improvements in my health, so by the time Valentine's Day rolled around I was in "treat yoself" mode. Not only did I go through a couple of boxes of chocolates, but even worse a jar of frosting made it into my cart. I ate it with a spoon over a week and while it tasted good, it didn't make me feel very good about myself. I'm still trying to find the right balance of flavorful food and health conscious foods for myself I guess. Part of the problem was I didn't end up liking several of the healthier dishes I made myself and felt like I was wasting food and money.
I'm not sure where to go from here, but I have seen my doctor and made an appointment with a counselor for March 20th. I would like some guidance and some insight in to my behaviors that I currently feel I lack. I think I do better at sticking to goals in a structured environment so I would like to get a life plan of sorts together.

Finances are becoming a concern again which is causing a lot of stress. We're nearing our credit limit and hubby is currently only working 4 days a week which is making things very tight. Plus taxes will be more complicated this year with him doing Uber and while we usually get a decent sized return we are concerned we may not get much this time or even owe. The costs associated with seeking mental health care are concerning too, but hopefully it will be worth it. We are tired of feeling stuck.

I've always had a best friend relationship with my husband and the positive side of him having 3 days off is that we've gotten to spend more leisure time together. My husband has been taking a medication for the past couple of weeks that seems to be helping him feel a lot happier. He has been enjoying his hobbies more, especially flying his camera drone and making videos of the local landscape. If you would like to watch his videos, please click here. I'm happy for him, but I have been taking the same medication for about a year and haven't really noticed a difference, good or bad. I do hope to find a better solution to manage my anxiety. 
Anyway I have had some nice experiences this month as well. Hubby and I really enjoyed the movie John Wick 2, and we also discovered a new Indian food place that we really enjoy.

I made a new friend that lives locally. She gave me a beautiful haircut and I painted her and her daughter's nails and had a fun time attending her baby shower.

Life may have its ups and downs but overall I'm so grateful for the tremendous blessings I've received. Sometimes when I'm feeling down I have trouble blogging but I really appreciate all of you that read my musings and especially those that have sent words to of encouragement. I have made several online friends and my life is richer for it. Love you all!

How have things been going for everyone else recently? Any highs, lows, or lessons learned you wish to share?


  1. As I think I've told you, I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I'm also a terrible dieter - always falling off the wagon when I so much as stumble. Anyhow, this coming week my husband and I will be joining you and yours in the dieting wars as we attempt to rein in our totally garbage dietary habits (it has been medically mandated, so you know it's serious and that this time we can't cheat.)

    But here's a little tip that might help when you're really craving something like sugar - just eat it. Is there a cake you'd just love a slice of? Or maybe a favourite cookie recipe? Make the cake or make the cookies, eat a slice or eat a cookie and then give the rest away. I know finances are a concern, and who likes to give good food away, but this way you can slake that sugar beast with something you really and truly want, and do something nice for somebody else at the same time. That way you're not running to the fridge shoving, I dunno, marmalade down your throat because it's the only sugary thing around when what you really want is a piece of chocolate cake. And it won't derail you because it was EXACTLY what you wanted and it hit the spot, so you feel okay about it (unlike how you'd feel after scarfing the marmalade, which is probably pretty bad about yourself, and mad that you wasted calories on THAT.)

    It's just too easy otherwise to throw your hands up and go, "I ruined it; time to eat everything in sight!" That's demanding a kind of perfection from yourself that's practically unattainable. As long as you're not eating the off-the-diet stuff every day, I really see no problem with indulging in a tiny bit of the stuff your body is calling out for.

  2. Great post, Amanda. I think that going to a counselor is a good, proactive step towards wellness. I totally agree with the above commenter about allowing yourself treats. Making a delicious dessert and then giving some away is a nice way to allow yourself some indulgences. Personally, I have been struggling lately with getting started on a communication system for Garrett. I took a course in December, bought the software, progress yet on making his communication book. I struggle terribly with exhaustion and have not had a good night of sleep in almost 5 years...since he was born. I've been meaning to see my doctor about getting an Rx for sleeping medication. After a day of work and then the second shift of parenting, I feel done in. Maybe I need to take a few days off from work to get this done. Anyway, I really enjoyed Daniel's videos, especially the lake and river ones. We don't get to travel much with Garrett, so I felt like I was "getting away" from it all thru watching them--like an armchair vacay, lol. -Alyssa