Saturday, February 25, 2017

February Sephora Play Box

Here are the contents of February's Sephora Play Box:

I have not tested any of the products yet, except Prada Candy which I have worn before. I like it but am not in love with it.
I get a very light sweetness; a faint caramel opening note which then settles into a lovely freshness like a cool afternoon breeze, and dries down to have a touch of white musk. Not a strong silage and only lingers about 2 hours on me. My husband really like it on me though; so I like to have sample vials like this on hand.
For more info on the February box products you can click here.

It is with a heavy heart that I have cancelled my Sephora Play subscription. I did look forward to seeing what beauty goodies were inside every month, but I chose to unsubscribe for a couple of reasons. I usually like to give a subscription box at least 3 months to determine how many of the products I tend to use and how good of a value it really is for me. While I liked most of the samples I received, there was nothing I couldn't live without. 
Finances are tight right now so I wanted the option to be able to allocate those $10 to something I might want more.
Plus Sephora will make free samples of different products you may want to test and has other frequent freebie deals, so I don't really need to pay to sample many of the products I could try for free. Plus I already have accumulated so many free sample sized products from various sources that I'm running out of room to store them and often end up giving some away. Lowering the volume of "stuff" coming in the mail would be good.

I haven't made any fun buys since my 2 wax purchases at the beginning of the month. There are several things I'm interested in but am undecided as to where I'd like to spend the money. I do really enjoy the concept of subscription boxes but am only currently subscribed to the Walmart box that is $5 every 3 months. I plan to do a future post listing info about several subscription boxes I'm interested in, and I will let you know if I choose another one to subscribe to.

Any subscription boxes or services you would recommend?

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