Thursday, February 2, 2017

Band of Bloggers February 2017 Volume 14

Welcome to the February edition of Band of Bloggers!  You're probably getting tired of winter already as we start this new month.  Maybe your thoughts are already turning towards spring, or maybe your all about Valentine's at the moment.  Hearts and roses, chocolates and cards, and special someones making you smile . . .   With all that love floating around, our question this month is quite simple.

What scent are you *loving* at the moment?
It can be anything from wax to perfume to body care to . . . whatever!

Recently I have been adoring various blends of tea & cakes, which is a rich, warm, freshly baked cake and robust black tea leaves, and rose jam, a fresh, sweet rose with a touch of tart lemon.

You may remember my post about my custom order of tea & cakes, rose jam and sugar cookies from The Scented Squirrel in both a wax loaf and a body spray. The blend idea just popped into my head one day and I just had to make it a reality. Jess from The Scented Squirrel  did a phenomenal job of executing my blend idea and I'm obsessed with it. I wear the body spray often and I look forward to melting the wax soon.

I also won a giveaway from Pearl Rose Candle Co. to receive wax in a custom blend of tea & cakes, rose jam and toasted marshmallow. I am so excited to sniff this blend and I'll be sure to share photos and my thoughts when it arrives! I love Hailey's wax and I'm sure it will smell wonderful.

I also have been getting to know a new vendor I have never tried before; Rebecca of Destination Wax . She had seen me mention the rose jam/tea & cakes blend and liked the idea so much that she made some and added it to her scent list! I have read many glowing reviews of this brand and I hope to order from them in February. Their travel themes and packaging look so cool and their scent list is very intriguing. I hope to try their version of my beloved blend as well as several other scents.

What scents can you not get enough of right now? Have you ever ordered a custom fragrance blend? Love a scent so much you ordered it from multiple vendors?

We hope you'll join the fun and leave your own answer in the comments below.
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  1. I'm not familiar with Rose Jam because I tend to pass by anything floral, but you have me curious about your new blend! I'm also going to have to check out Destination Wax, as I've never heard of them.


  2. How fun! That order is so cute; I love the little squirrels dancing about the labels. I'm with Deb - never done the Rose Jam thing because florals aren't my jam, making Rose Jam really not my jam, but I always think the blends sound so lovely. :)

  3. You are the best at these custom scents...I like rose jam, love tea scents, but am not crazy for cake. I have a feeling I'd like this blend though, do you know if the Scented Squirrel is going to add your creation as a scent? They have a current custom loaf contest that I entered (w/a shaving cream blend of course) I'm slowly becoming more confident with creating combinations now that I've sampled A LOT of wax. Destination Wax is on my watch list, I saw it come up on Julie's blog, in the comments I believe so I checked it out. Looks fun.

    I hope you are doing well with your progress goals this month, Amanda. Now its my turn for a shopping ban as I'm saving $ for a trip.

  4. Nice blending! I love Rose Jam too but Tea & Cakes and I never get along. A reader pointed out Destination: Wax to me and it turned out we went to the same high school at the same time. Too funny. I was browsing around on their site and they have a bunch of neat scents but I have not pulled the trigger yet. The Bathing Garden got me on her new scent of the month and the Valentine's Bundle.

    You are doing great on the no-buy! Keep it up!!