Friday, September 4, 2015

Review: Wax Warm Ups Part 1

I was contacted through Instagram by a company called Wax Warm Ups. They sent me free samples to try and review. I'm not affiliated; I just want to share these interesting new wax products with you guys! 

Wax Warm Ups are essentially a many layered felted sponge like shape that hold scented wax. They can be used with any regular wax warmer and when heated they disperse the wax into your warmer. When you are done using them you turn the warmer off and wipe the liquid wax up with the sponge for easy cleanup and disposal! Here is an Instagram video showing how they work.

They plan to offer a variety of scent and shape combinations. They are not available to purchase yet, but the company hopes to have their website up soon, possibly even by tomorrow according to their Insagram page. Right now they are just spreading the word about their products through social media.

I have not melted them yet, but they smell very strong on cold sniff. These are not necessarily scents that I would have chosen for myself as I am more of a foodie/vanilla than fresh/floral gal, but I was so grateful to receive such generous samples! If these work well I would be very interested to see what other scents they have to offer. I will melt one tomorrow and report back!

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  1. Can't wait to read your thoughts! What an interesting product! I would totally spring if they stocked mints and spices.