Thursday, August 3, 2017

Band Of Bloggers August 2017 Vol. 20

Band of Bloggers Photo Pop quiz, hotshot: How well do you know your favourite Band of Bloggerette? Sure, we're all reasonably up to date on each other's interests, hobbies and the pretty, glittery things that make our hearts go pitter pat, but when it comes to the vitally important markers of a person's character - favourite band, desert island scent, fight stance in the zombie apocalypse - how well do we truly know our virtual neighbours? :) Let's delve into 10 deeply random questions and find out, shall we?
1. No really, zombie apocalypse survival strategy: Fight or flight?
Flight first, then fight if absolutely necessary. Avoid heavily populated areas at all costs because not only will there be more zombies roaming the cities, but you're also more likely to encounter looters and other no good types. I think we would have an advantage because we live in the country and my family are actually preppers and we have quite a few resources at our disposal. Not expecting the zombie apocalypse to happen but you never know when some other disaster might, and it's best to be prepared without being paranoid. I can't believe I've legitimately thought about all this, haha.

2. You've been a bad, bad kitty and you have just one final meal coming your way. What's on your plate?
Definitely surf & turf! I would desire a lobster tail dripping with butter, succulent shrimp scampi, the most perfectly cooked tender medium rare New York Strip steak, and maybe some grilled lamb and veggie kabobs. Loaded mashed potato and a greek salad on the side. Plus you can't skip a decadent dessert: some of my favorites are cremè brûlée, chocolate mousse and coconut cream pie. I feel like some booze would be required for a last meal, maybe a mojito or a margarita. And lots and lots of ice water. Maybe I could stall my execution by saying I have to pee...

3. Aside from wax (or nail polish, or crafting supplies, or beauty products) what item do you have major multiples of?
Well, aside from my 350+ nail polishes, dozens of lotions and perfumes, and 2 bins of wax, I'm not sure. Do clothes count? I certainly have plenty of clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, and I've recently been collecting Lularoe brand items.
And books. Do books count? I'm sure lots of people have multiple clothing items and books; I suppose my collections are rather mundane and feminine, but at least they're useful if not particularly unique. I would probably collect a lot of knick knacks if I had more space. Maybe it's a blessing.

4. You've just won the lottery. Before best friends you didn't even know you had begin to show up on your doorstep, what's the first thing you buy without even thinking twice?
A custom designed beach house. Then a ridiculously overpriced Chanel handbag.

5. Biggest celebrity crush? This can be anybody - an actress, a musician, a fictional character from a favourite movie, book or television show, or maybe even an historical figure.
Gosh, I'm trying to think. I haven't really had a particular "crush" since I was a teen. I am partial to abs and biceps so I do find myself crushing on male dancers in shows like Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. I enjoy the acting and visual of Wentworth Miller (Michael Schoffield on Prison Break,) but of course he's gay in real life, so there's that...
The original show and the recent reboot are both really good; you should check it out if you haven't already.

6. Flats or heels? Or are you running barefoot through life like some sort of hippie?
Flats all the way! I'm the exact same height as my hubby so I wouldn't really enjoy towering over him. Plus life's too short for painful shoes.

7. Whether it was created through a , customs order or simple pick-and-mix blending at home, what's the greatest scent blend you've ever stumbled upon?
Oh goodness! I really love creative scent blends, but a couple favorites I keep coming back to pumpkin coconut (BBW), rose jam, tea & cakes, sugar cookie (my creation.) I also recently suggested a coconut lavender shaving cream to a vendor looking for blend ideas, so I hope that becomes a thing!

8. It's snack time! Are you reaching for the sweet or the salty?
Both! My two biggest weaknesses are potato chips and sweets of almost any kind.

9. What's a personal style moment you'd never care to re-live?
Hmmm... those rubber jelly bracelets from the early 2000's, paired with store brand tees like O'neill or Abercrombie. *shudders*

10. You are going to live in a biodome beneath the sea for the next three years and have been allotted space for just ONE book (tiny dome!) What cherished book will keep you entertained for the next 1095 days?
Ummm... an e-reader with hundreds of books? If that's not an option, something really long but entertaining, possibly one of those 3-1 trilogy tomes.

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  1. Oh come on! Those jelly bracelets were cool!�� lol I had lots of those things at one time. Also those thick gel bands that had wording stamped into them a few years back, maybe 2010-2013 they were popular? Came in many many colors and varieties, sometimes they would be mainly marketing someone's business or something lol. Anywho, jelly bracelets were cool. Lol except that hidden meaning I never understood that if you wore them a certain way you were dating someone or somehow another it was like inappropriate or something? Probably why I had to stop wearing them when I was young lol.

  2. Ha, I also tried to cheat with a virtual book reader, probably doesn't count. I remember Prison Break being really popular was it 10 years ago? It's been on my to-watch list that long anyway, didn't know there was a reboot, either. Will check it out as I also enjoy Wentworth Miller. One of my fave fictional characters is Sheldon of the Big Bang, but I love Jim Parsons too, he's the cutest. I like your style, but at first when I saw the closet photo, I thought "why so many small tutu-like things?"
    Coconut, lavender, shaving cream you say? Please let me know if that becomes a creation!<3

    1. Oh and nice info-graphic, if only it were handy and pocket-sized in the case of an outbreak...

    2. Yes, cheaty cheatersons, e-books don't count! Old school paper. So practical in a biodome-type environment.

  3. Rubber jelly bracelets! Oh man, we've all been there (some of us twice, first alongside Madonna in the '80s and then the resurgence of the jelly bracelet in the early 2000s.) Do you remember gimp bracelets? Wow, what a horrible name, but so much fun - I remember being pretty great the basic weave, and then everything was pretty awful from there! So much plastic.

    Okay, so my approach to Z Day might be a bit bleak, but I do like your get-up-and-go, and you're organized - I think that might be key. I just looked over and saw The Zombie Survival Guide on my bookshelf - it advocates getting to a secondary floor and knocking out the stairs. Not gonna help in an apartment! I mean, I do have a sunken livingroom, but that's only two steps - not going to cut it, I think. :)

    Oh holy woof, your last meal sounds dee-slishious! Very indulgent - but 'tis no better time.

  4. Love your meal choices. You and I went whole hog on that one <3

    Too funny about being preppers as most of my family is too and Adam and I do have a bug-out bag ready to go. I bought him a Life Straw and a few other things to go in it. But my dad has food, ammo and a game plan if the poop hits the proverbial end of times fan.